College esports on the rise

Berlin Phoenix win first edition of the VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series

August 30, 2018 - 17:36
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Esports is taking another domain by storm: college sports. In the US there are already many programs and universities that offer their students the possibility to participate in their college esports program, some even have specific scholarships for esports.

Now it seems as if college esports is on the rise globally. In Germany the VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series (created by Rocketeers’ parent company VERITAS Entertainment) has started. It’s a monthly Rocket League esports tournament in which teams of two players compete against each other not only for a monthly prize pool, but also to represent their region and university.

Gnagflow and Ghostfire dominated the tournament

The first edition of the VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series has concluded yesterday and saw the Berlin Phoenix players Gnagflow and Ghostfire emerge victorious. Gnagflow was the substitute for Renault Vitality in RLCS S5, Ghostfire played in RLRS S1 for eRa Eternity. The two players dominated the Double Elimination tournament in an impressive manner as they fought their way through the Upper Bracket. In the Grand Final they defeated Darmstadt Dragons and secured the major chunk of the 500€ prize pool.

Other cities and teams that were represented in the series were: Hamburg Hotrods, Bingen Impulse Zero, Karlsruhe KITtens, Aachen Strikers, Salzgitter Warriors and Engines Stuttgart. The tournament series will continue on September 26th. is the #1 magazine about Rocket League esports. We provide the followers of the Rocket League esports scene with daily content: interviews, analysis, recaps, previews.