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Rival Series Qualifiers Return

March 1, 2019 - 18:43
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The first of four Rival Series qualifiers begins Saturday with North America and Sunday with Europe. A notable teams list for the qualifiers has been compiled here.

Similarly, the first Grand Series qualifier kicks off Saturday for South America.

In game news, Psyonix has announced that Rocket League Radio songs will be added in-game the same day as their release on Monstercat. Learn more…

Around the Community

Gfinity hosts the Rocket League Oceanic Masters for RLCS this season, replacing Throwdown. Learn more…

Collegiate Rocket League started play with the Western Conference last Monday. The University of Redlands defeated the University of Arizona in the a close-fought finals on Wednesday, claiming the first spot NCAA Final Four Fest LAN. The Southern Conference comes up next, starting next Monday. Meanwhile, CStarLeague has finished group play and teams now move onto playoffs. Learn more…

The League of Rockets dropped a surprise stream earlier this week, with Scrub Killa and Fairy Peak facing off in the first of a bi-weekly King of the Hill series. Learn more…




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