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World Championship on the Horizon

October 19, 2018 - 15:03
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The 10 teams that go to the World Championship

10 teams – 4 European, 4 North American, 2 Oceanic – finalized their spots and seeds Saturday and Sunday for LAN Vegas. The World Championship begins Friday, November 9th. See Liquipedia or Octane for more information.

Region Seed Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
EU 1 Dignitas Kaydop Turbopolsa ViolentPanda
EU 2 We Dem Girlz EyeIgnite Metsanauris remkoe
EU 3 FlipSid3 Tactics kuxir97 miztik Yukeo
EU 4 PSG Chausette45 Ferra Fruity
NA 1 NRG Fireburner GarrettG jstn
NA 2 G2 JKnaps Kronovi Rizzo
NA 3 Cloud9 Gimmick SquishyMuffinz Torment
NA 4 Evil Geniuses Chicago CorruptedG Klassux
OCE 1 Tainted Minds CJCJ Express Shadey
OCE 2 Chiefs Drippay Kamii Torsos

Collegiate Rocket League wrapped up round robin play on Wednesday. Teams now progress to the conference playoffs, which take place October 20th, 22nd, and 29th. See the Tespa site for more information.

What else is happening in RLEsports?

Fall Roadmap

  • RocketID (cross-platform parties) pushed to 2019, the party system was first announced in September 2017

  • 60 FPS 4K and HDR coming to Xbox One X

  • Rocket Pass 1 ends November 26th; Rocket Pass 2 releases in December

  • Frost Fest in-game event begins mid-December

For more information, read the full post.




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