Carry the ball across the pitch

Learn how to dribble like a Rocket League Pro with this Training Pack

May 17, 2019 - 14:04
Rocketeers / Training / wants to help you becoming a better Rocket League player. Our training guru Llexis develops custom Training Packs for the Rocketeers community. Last time he showed you how to improve your aerials.

In our second training pack you will learn how to dribble like pro. Here’s the download code for the Rocketeers Aerial Variety Pack: 9863-6D3C-af72-A7E3

Carry the ball for buzzer-beaters

This extended training pack is for anyone who’s trying to learn to dribble the ball or push their current skill level before moving onto workshop packs. It will help with the initial stages of dribbling the ball – all the way up to carrying the ball the full length of the pitch for those 0 second buzzer-beaters.

Those who are already comfortable with dribbling can also use this pack as an opportunity to practice their flicking and their ground-to-air dribbling.

The initial levels, the ball will be floating in-front of you. At this height, you will be able to drive into it and easily take it on your roof. This is to get comfortable with balancing the ball on the roof of the car and carrying it a short distance while watching the ball’s ground indicator.

Dribbling in Rocket League

Dribbling is an essential part in Rocket League if you want to have success

Dribbling after the ball bounces off the wall

After the first few levels, you will be introduced to different methods of starting a dribbling play. This will be from a ball rolling straight towards you, rolling by the side of you, bouncing off your body or the wall first, or falling from above.

During these earlier levels you will need to pay most attention to the ball’s ground indicator and be comfortable with transitioning from ball-cam on to off during the dribble setup. Switching to ball-cam off is a big advantage while dribbling as you will be able to concentrate on the ball indicator, where your opponents are, and where the goal is all at the same time. You’ll also have a full view of your car while setting up a flick.

You will then be challenged with turning while dribbling. In these levels, the ball will be passed to you while facing away from net. You have to make adjustments while carrying the ball to the goal, instead of just driving straight forward.

How to catch a falling ball

Towards the half way-point of the pack you will start drills that require a first touch and then a recovery or a quick return to the ground. Such levels will be hitting a ball that’s floating in the air and then catching it afterwards. This will train you set up dribble plays from even more situations and also how to catch a falling ball.

Dribbling in Rocket League tutorial

Dribbling can help you setting up those important buzzer-beaters

Lastly, the later stages of the pack will have awkward setups. This will be in the form of the ball hitting you from the side, behind you, or the ball being far out of reach. These drills will maximise your ability to setup, recover, and then carry the ball the full length of the pitch.

After completing this training pack, you will then no-longer see zero seconds on the clock as the end of the match, but instead as your time to shine and score one more.

How to download training packs

Here’s how you can download this training pack:

  • Launch Rocket League
  • Go to Training
  • Go to “Custom Training”
  • Press the button for “Enter Code”
  • Enter the code: 9863-6D3C-af72-A7E3
  • Start the training and improve your plays!

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A Rocket League solo-queue survivor and community engager. After figuring out Grand Champion, he's become a Training Guru to pass on what he's learnt over the Seasons. He's here to help aspiring Players reach the next step with training packs and written guides.