This Week in Rocket League: Tournaments Update Releases

April 4, 2018 - 15:57
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Tournaments Update Releases

Yesterday, the long awaited Tournaments mode released across all platforms with the newest update, the Tournaments Update. Alongside the Tournaments mode, the update also included numerous quality-of-life features and an expanded Rocket League Radio playlist.

For more information, checkout the patch notes. If you have an issue with the update, please checkout the issue thread.

The Tournaments Update concludes the list of features with due dates announced in the Spring Roadmap. Throughtout the rest of the year, we can look forward to the introduction of cross-platform parties, a more robust progression (leveling) system, WWE items, and arenas.

Esports Leagues

Event Region Results Schedule Liquipedia Octane
Gfinity EU Week 4 Week 5 Link Link
Championship Series EU Week 3 Week 4 Link Link
Championship Series NA Week 3 Week 4 Link Link
Rival Series EU Week 3 Week 4 Link Link
Rival Series NA Week 3 Week 4 Link Link
Throwdown OCE Week 3 Week 4 Link Link


JINX Introduces New Merchandise

JINX, the official supplier of Rocket League merchandise, added 4 new t-shirts to their store on Friday.

PAX East to Host 3 Tournaments

For the 2nd year running, PAX East will host a Rocket League tournament. This year, players will be able to win Jinx merchandise from the 2v2 PC, 2v2 Rumble PC, and 2v2 PS4 events. Read more…

RIVAL’s Proving Grounds to Debut

Rival Esports new $1000 monthly tournament, The Proving Grounds, debuts this weekend. Play starts with a qualifier on Thursday and progresses to a final playoff bracket on Saturday.

DignitasGhost GamingRogue, and SpaceStation Gaming have all received invites and will begin in Sunday’s final bracket. Rival Series teams FlyQuest, Splyce, and The D00ds have signed up for Thursday’s qualifier.

For more information, checkout the tournament page.




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