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South America joins RLCS S7

February 1, 2019 - 19:18
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Psyonix teased the inclusion of South America in the RLCS last August. Now, South America has officially joined the RLCS with the announcement of Season 7. The new season features the same, massive prize pool as Season 6, one million dollars. The four qualifier Rival Series system and single round-robin league play is sticking around for now. Registration for Rival Series qualifiers is open until March 1st. View registration…

Meanwhile, in-game, a Double XP Weekend has started and lasts until next Monday, February 4th. If you have Rocket Pass tiers to unlock, now would be a great time to go after them. Rocket Pass 2 ends March 18th.

The distribution of players in Diamond 1 or higher in Solo Duel, Solo Standard, and the Extra Modes playlists is being adjusted to have a similar distribution to Doubles and Standard. Learn more…

Around the Community

FlipSid3 Tactics took home the inaugural WSOE Rocket League event, defeating NRG in the finals. WSOE was the first event for FlipSide’s new roster. Yukeo replaced Kaydop on Dignitas, so Speed stepped in for the event. Learn more…

The talent for DreamHack Leipzig includes many familiar faces: Gibbs, Achieves, Jamesbot, JorbyPls, Johnnyboi_i, and Shogun. Dreadnaught, primarily known for his work in Heroes of the Storm, is making his Rocket League esports debut in Germany.

APL Esports was founded earlier this month from the leadership of prominent Asian community organizations. Last Saturday, they announced Asia Pro League Season 3, sponsored by 1NE eSports.

The Nius Cup, a Brazilian league, holds the season finals for the A and B divisions this Saturday and Sunday. Learn more…

The collegiate CStarLeague Spring Season is in Week 4 of group play. Learn more….




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