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Rocket League reaches 46 million players worldwide

July 11, 2018 - 21:44
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Psyonix Reviews Year 3

Last Friday Psyonix released their review of the past year of Rocket League. Highlights include:

  • Reaching 46 million players and 2.5 billion played games
  • Releasing the Anniversary Event and Stadium
  • Hosting a birthday party at Petco Park on July 19th
  • And, announcing an expansion of Rocket League Esports efforts in the coming year
    • Higher prize pools
    • Opportunities for all skill levels
    • And, a “more holistic approach to our Worldwide esports program”

Northern Arena 2 This Weekend

Northern Arena 2 begins Saturday on .tv/NorthernArena with 8 of the best teams from North America and Europe. For more information, see the Reddit post.

Region Seed Team Roster
Europe 1 Flipsid3 Tactics kuxir97 / miztik / Yukeo
Europe 2 Dignitas ViolentPanda / Kaydop / Turbopolsa
Europe 3 PSG Bluey / Ferra / Chausette
Europe 4 exceL Nielskoek / Pwndx / Markydooda
North America 1 NRG Fireburner / GarrettG / jstn
North America 2 Cloud9 Torment / SquishyMuffinz / Gimmick
North America 3 G2 Kronovi / Rizzo / JKnaps
North America 4 FlyQuest PrimeThunder / Wonder / AyyJayy


Regional Leagues

Region League Progress Liquipedia Octane
ASC Asia Pro League Completed Link Link
OCE Gfinity Australia Grand Final Link Link
SAM SAM Championship Finals Link Link








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