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Renegade Cups for October announced

September 27, 2018 - 15:37
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October Renegade Cup Monthlies Announced

The Renegade Cup starts in October with the Grand Prix by Rocket Baguette in Europe and Project Phoenix by Rival Esports in North America.

The Psyonix sponsored, community organized event runs from October to January. Each month a community organizer in Europe and North America holds a $5,000 monthly event. The winning team advances to the finals, while the other teams accrue points based on their placement. The 8 teams with the most points join the monthly winners in the $20,000 February finals. For more information on the Renegade Cup, see the announcement and FAQ.

What else is happening in RLEsports?

Event Region Progress Liquipedia Octane Other
Championship Series EU Week 4 Link Link EventVODsPlayoff Predictor
Championship Series NA Week 4 Link Link EventVODsPlayoff Predictor
Collegiate RL NA Week 2 Tespa
Rival Series EU Week 3 Link Link EventVODsPlayoff Predictor
Rival Series NA Week 3 Link Link EventVODsPlayoff Predictor
Throwdown OCE Week 4 Link Link Playoff Predictor

Replay Analysis Sites Launch

Rocket League Replays, an invaluable replay hoster and analysis tool, closed in July. Thankfully, community members have stepped up to create two sites similar in premise to the original. officially launched in early August. It includes a unique 3D replay viewer and statistical analysis. opened earlier this week and includes statistical analysis and the ability to auto upload your replays with the popular third-party extension BakkesMod.




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