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The 8 Teams from NA and EU that will go to the World Championship

April 25, 2018 - 17:41
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World Championship Looms

The European and North American Regional Championships took place this past weekend, securing 8 of the 10 teams for the World Championship. The last 2 slots will be decided in the Throwdown Finals on Sunday. While a majority of the teams have qualified, the date and location of the World Championship is unannounced.

The Regional Championship weekend began with North America on Saturday. Evil Geniuses eliminated Rogue and secured Chrome’s first ever Worlds appearance. Ghost jumped to an early lead against Cloud9, but was ultimately swept aside by the Season 4 Regional Champions. Later, G2 won their 1st North American Regional Championship, defeating the 3-time Champions, NRG, in the finals.

The following day the European Championship started with Envy eliminating Flipsid3. For the 2nd season in a row, kux and company will miss Worlds. Envy will make their return to the World Championship stage, after missing out in Season 4. Renault Vitality overcame PSG in the 2nd elimination match of the day. Then, Gale Force defeated Vitality in the finals, winning their 2nd consecutive European Regional Championship.

Down under, Dark Sided and Tainted Minds advanced to the Throwdown Finals, past Retirement Home and JAM Gaming. They join Chiefs and Legacy in a fight for 2 World Championship spots on Sunday at 12PM AET (Sat 10PM ET).

After the Throwdown Finals, the next event on the schedule is the promotion tournament weekend. North America begins on May 5th with Allegiance, CLG, FlyQuest, and Out of Style vying for 2 RLCS spots. The following day exceL, Fnatic, Servette, and Team Secret play for European RLCS qualification.

Finally, the World Championship concludes RLCS Season 5. Here is a look at the teams that have already qualified:

Region Seed Team Roster
EU 1 Gale Force ViolentPanda / Kaydop / Turbopolsa / Reepex (S)
EU 2 Renault Vitality Paschy90 / Fairy Peak! / FreaKii / Gnagflow06 (S)
EU 3 Envy Remkoe / Deevo / EyeIgnite / Greazy (S)
EU 4 compLexity al0t / Metsanauris / Mognus / Speed (S)
NA 1 G2 Kronovi / JKnaps / Rizzo / Satthew (S)
NA 2 NRG Fireburner / GarrettG / Jstn / Moses (S)
NA 3 Cloud9 Torment / Gimmik / SquishyMuffinz / Sadjunior (S)
NA 4 Evil Geniuses CorruptedG / Chrome / Klassux / DarkFire (S)




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