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Ballistix Brawl Concludes Sunday

May 23, 2018 - 19:23
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Salty Shores Releases Late May

Psyonix teased their next content update in the Summer Roadmap. Yesterday, they announced that the Salty Shores Update releases May 29th. The update brings:

In June, expect to see the next in-game event, Beach Blast, on the 11th, and a new licensed battlecar.

Ballistix Brawl Concludes Sunday

The month long Ballistix Brawl concludes on Sunday with the playoffs. 6 teams have qualified so far:

  • Complexity
  • Dignitas (formerly Gale Force)
  • Flipsid3 Tactics
  • PSG eSports
  • Renault Sport Team Vitality
  • The Bricks

Two more teams acquire spots in the final qualifier on Friday. The playoffs begin Sunday on

Northern Arena Takes Shape

8 teams from Europe and North America qualified for the Northern Arena Finals last weekend.

Per the standard, play began with North America on Saturday. NRG swept their way to a #1 seed by not dropping a game during the entire regional. After a surprising quarter-final loss to Splyce, Cloud9 defeated G2 in the lower finals to take the 2nd seed. G2 and the newly promoted RLCS squad, FlyQuest, took the 3rd and 4th seeds respectively.

Sunday showcased the depth of competitive teams in Europe. All 4 World Championship teams participated, but only the regional champions, Dignitas, qualified for the Northern Arena Finals. Flipsid3 stole the first seed from the regional champs, defeating them in the winners finals and, again, in the bracket reset match. PSG grabbed the 3rd seed after dropping Envy and exceL to the lower bracket. exceL shook the boat, defeating Servette, who they lost to in the promotion tournament, and Vitality, who took 2nd place in the European Championship, to grab the 4th and final seed.




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