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Rocket League Joins Million Dollar Club

July 25, 2018 - 20:18
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Rocket League Joins Million Dollar Club

Rocket League Esports has officially joined the million dollar club – a mark that is commonly used to show the success and status of an esport. Starting in Season 6, the RLCS will have a $1,000,000 pool and the Rival Series will have a $100,000 pool.

The current rules point to the league keeping the same regions and format as last season. While the rules are subject-to-change, it does not look like we will see a new region(s), double-round robin, or other community suggested format changes for the upcoming season. However, Psyonix did hint that they had more “exciting things to announce regarding this season of the RLCS.”

Rosters are locked July 30th for RLCS and August 5th for Rival Series. Expect to see roster announcements between now and then.

League play begins with North America on September 8th and Europe on September 9th.

Rocket Street Hosts Championship Finals

Earlier this month Rocket Street acquired sponsorship from Psyonix four the SAM Championship. On Saturday, for teams compete for the South American crown and the $3,000 prize pool. The event begins at 1PM local time. Stream information is to-be-announced.

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