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Roster Shuffle in Full Effect

August 1, 2018 - 20:32
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Roster Shuffle in Full Effect

Teams and organizations announced their official squads for the upcoming season as rosters for RLCS locked Monday night. As is tradition before a season of RLCS, a majority of the squads saw changes to their roster.


Team Starter 1 Starter 2 Starter 3 Substitute
compLexity al0t Mognus gReazy stocki
Dignitas ViolentPanda Kaydop Turbopolsa JHZER
ex-Envy remkoe EyeIgnite Metsanauris Waffle
Flipsid3 Tactics kuxir97 miztik Yukeo Jwols
Fnatic Snaski Maestro MummiSnow Lauty
mouseports Skyline Alex161 Tigreee Frag
PSG Ferra Chausette45 fruityl0l Bluey
Renault Vitality* Paschy90 FairyPeak ??? ???

* Indicates an unconfirmed roster

North America

Team Starter 1 Starter 2 Starter 3 Substitute
Allegiance TyNotTyler Allushin Sea-Bass
Cloud9 SquishyMuffinz Torment Gimmick Sadjunior
Evil Geniuses CorruptedG Klassux Chicago Raze
FlyQuest PrimeThunder Wonder AyyJayy Pluto
G2 Esports Kronovi Rizzo JKnaps Mijo
Ghost Gaming Lethamyr Zanejackey Memory gorocksgo
NRG Fireburner GarrettG jstn Lachinio
Rogue Sizz Jacob Joro matt

Expect to see more roster announcements before the August 6th roster lock deadline. In preparation, bookmark Liquipedia’s transfer page and Octane’s RLCS roster tracker to follow all of the latest roster moves.

Zephyr Update Releases

The Zephyr Update, named after the new crate, released Monday and includes:

  • The ‘Zephyr’ crate (and the Cyclone battle-car)
  • Xbox key trading
  • Throwback Stadium (as a selectable arena)
  • Performance / Network Graphs (Steam / PC only)
  • Various bug fixes




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