Team Dignitas enters Rocket League esports – and the future looks bright!

January 24, 2018 - 16:16
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Currently there are so many professional organisations joining the Rocket League esports scene. First Fnatic announced their return with the signing of The Leftovers, then Team Expert signed a team, PSG already has its RLCS squad, the list goes on and on. So many orgs seem to see the huge potential that Rocket League offers as an esport.

Now with Team Dignitas there’s another org joining that turned quite some heads in other esports games, such as Heroes of the Storm, where their team is feared all across the EU region.

At the beginning of this week Team Dignitas announced that they signed Chicago and Zolhay who were formerly on Team Applesauce (that name…) as well as former Rogue player Turtle. This marks Dignitas’ first entry into the professional Rocket League scene.

Every established org draws new fans

The good news about this is that the future for Rocket League esports looks bright. Not just because Team Dignitas now has a Rocket League team, but because with every established organisation the whole scene becomes more appealing to esports enthusiasts who previously haven’t watched Rocket League esports and might now be drawn to it.

Teams such as Fnatic or Dignitas already have a loyal fan base, that stem from their various activities in other esports games. Bringing these fans into Rocket League might have a huge impact on the scene in general – and even attract more professional orgs.

Team Dignitas will probably make their first appearance this weekend at Dreamhack. According to the official Discord channel there is still a team Applesauce listed. That spot will most likely be filled by the roster that now plays in black and yellow – the colours of Team Dignitas.

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