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Which team will Scrub join? Here’s what our community thinks!

July 9, 2018 - 17:52
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Last week, we published our interview with Rocket League wunderkind Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson. In this interview Scrub told us that he already has a spot on an RLCS team, but that he wasn’t allowed to disclose the team’s name just yet.

We were curious to hear what you guys think about Scrub’s statement, so we started a Twitter poll. More than 750 people voted in 24 hours – and the result is almost unanimous. Today we want to take a look at the different scenarios and tell you how realistic each one is.

But first, here’s the poll result:

67% see Scrub Killa joining Vitality

Wow! We didn’t expect the vote to be so strongly in favor of Vitality, but if you think about it, it actually makes sense: Vitality just removed Freakii from their active roster, maybe because they already knew that they’d sign Scrub?

Vitality are sponsored by Renault and obviously have the financial resources to make an impressive offer to a young, talented player everybody wants to sign. Plus: Fairy Peak and Scrub, both known for their insane 1v1 skills, always seemed to have a good relationship and could possibly form a killer team around captain Paschy (who btw. was the first one to comment on our poll).

Is Scrub joining Vitality? It sounds plausible, and that’s probably why the majority of our readers voted for this option.

14% think Scrub will join PSG

Scrub and PSG’s Bluey are friends and have played numerous times together in smaller online cups. For a long time it seemed to be an option that the two will form a new team together with gReazymeister and make a run through the RLRS to get into the RLCS. Obviously that’s no longer a realistic scenario (if it ever was one…).

The friendship between Scrub and Bluey could also mean that Scrub is joining his friend as a player for Paris Saint-Germain. PSG had a shaky season and it wouldn’t be too big of a surprise if that would result in a roster shuffle for RLCS S6. However, a tweet from Bluey suggests otherwise:

Would a player send out a Tweet like that if he knows that one of his teammates is about to be replaced? We’re skeptical about that.

12% believe that Scrub will become a part of Envy

The final option we suggested in our poll: Scrub will join Envy. But there’s not a whole lot to back up that theory. Scrub has close ties with gReazymeister, but the Norwegian Rocket League veteran might possibly look for a new team himself after being moved to substitute at the beginning of RLCS S5.

Still, 12% of you guys believe that this is where Scrub will end up. In such a case the question remains who they’d replace. Remkoe is the team captain, EyeIgnite just joined and played an amazing first season. That would leave Deevo. Is that a realistic scenario? We doubt it!

What other options are there for Scrub?

Only 7% thought that Scrub will end up with none of the mentioned teams. What other options are there? We know that it’s an EU RLCS team, and we’re certain that Team Dignitas will remain unchanged after winning the World Championship twice in a row with the same roster.

That leaves only a handful of teams: compLexity, Flipsid3, Fnatic and Servette Geneva eSports. Out of those four, Servette seems highly unlikely as they’re an underdog team that just managed to qualify for RLCS. Fnatic, Flipsid3 and compLexity are all halfway valid options though.

Fnatic and Sikii just parted ways, so there’s a spot available. Flipsid3 and compLexity both have intact rosters. A couple of weeks ago, some rumours suggested that Metsanauris might leave compLexity, but nothing came out of those speculations. Flipsid3 made a significant roster change last season with Yukeo replacing Markydooda. Their performance in RLCS S5 was okay-ish. Would they already be looking for another major roster change? ( Maybe. But could they offer Scrub something that convinces him to join F3? Doubtful.

Conclusion: What seems to be the most realistic scenario?

Numbers don’t lie: 67% think that Scrub will wear black and yellow in RLCS Season 6. Indeed, the Vitality option looks like the most realistic scenario on paper. But this is Rocket League, and you can never be too certain.

Did we miss a hint or an indicator of Scrub joining another team? Head over to our Rocket League Discord server to discuss all things Rocket League esports with our amazing community.

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