Scrub Killa released from mousesports

March 19, 2020 - 01:10
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In a very surprising move (in a season full of them), Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson has been released from mousesports before the end of RLCS Season 9.

Scrub Killa only officially joined the organization at the start of February, after his release from Renault Vitality. In three seasons with Vitality, Scrub won one RLCS championship in Season 7 and returned to the grand finals in Season 8.

Why he asked for his release now of all times is particularly curious. Mouse sits at 4-3 right now with one week remaining in league play, with two matches this coming weekend against Endpoint and FC Barcelona, respectively. The team will play with sub Ario “Arju” Berdin in place of Scrub.

Scrub has been playful about the move on Twitter thus far, tweeting things like “fulltime streamer” and “So do I use Vitality or mous chair now?” However, he also tweeted: “On a serious note im really sorry that I can’t play but im still extremely motivated to win RLCS again so you will see me soon.”

According to details from today’s streams from both Scrub Killa and mousesports coach Treyven “Lethamyr” Robitaille (compiled by Reddit), his departure had to do with a dispute over terms of the contract Scrub signed during the offseason. He reportedly was unhappy with the way the team wanted control over his video platforms, and also was going to be fined for not using the team’s sponsored hardware.

Supposedly, he let the organization know of his intentions to leave, but planned to stick around to play the regional championship. However, the team opted to move on with Arju instead. Lethamyr suggested on his own stream that the team was likely to make a change in the offseason anyway, as the addition of Scrub Killa has apparently not been very harmonious to date.

It’s a lot of back-and-forth right now, but we suspect that there’s a Twitlonger about this in all of our futures. We’ll let you know what we hear in the meantime.

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