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(Update) Insolences is still part of Rogue; Issues resolved according to Jacob

April 13, 2018 - 14:03
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Update (full story below): Apparently the rumours that there is some trouble within the Rogue roster were true. However, on Saturday Insolences still played with his teammates Jacob and Sizz. As Jacob explained on Twitter afterwards, the team apparently resolved their internal issues (without getting into any details) and will continue to play together for now. Rogue beat Out of Style 3:1 and finish league play on place 5.

Are we in for a surprise roster change? There are some rumours floating around that Insolences and the rest of the Rogue roster have parted ways. Nothing’s confirmed so far, but there are some indicators pointing in that direction.

It all started with a Tweet from Jacob, one of the veterans of the RLCS and Rogue’s star player. Without any further context he stated on his Twitter account “I just don’t get it” which started the whole speculation. In an additional Tweet Jacob also pointed out that his current frustration would’ve nothing to do with scrim partners not showing up, a nuisance that troubled his team earlier this month.

If it’s not some issue with people outside of Rogue it might very well be that there is some drama going on within the Rogue roster, especially since Jacob also retweeted a message saying “There’s always S6”, hinting that his team might not be able to qualify for LAN in its current state.

In case there is team drama it possibly surrounds Trevor “Insolences” Carmody. The player, who’s been around the professional Rocket League scene for quite some time, has had a tough couple of weeks and was numerous times the subject of criticism regarding Rogue’s mediocre RLCS results. The team currently sits at 5th place with a 2-4 match record.

Rogue already practicing with their sub?

A clip that was posted on Reddit showed Jacob and his Rogue teammate Sizz playing together with Red. Red is the official sub for Rogue and the only player who would be allowed to replace a teammate during an official RLCS match. One might easily suggest that these guys are practicing for the upcoming final week of league play. Insolences on the other hand didn’t log into his Steam account for a couple of days during the week – clearly a bad sign considering the importance of their final match.

As of now we can only speculate if the rumours are true. Yemen, a former SK Gaming player, suspected via Twitter that Insolences might have quit competitive Rocket League altogether, pointing at a similar incidence last season.

Insolences hasn’t updated his Twitter in a couple of weeks and Jacob, even after posting a Tweet that begged for speculation, pointed out that “Some things are better left unknown until later”. We will probably find out this Saturday when Rogue will face Out Of Style for their final RLCS S5 league play match.

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