Fans celebrate Grand Final in Berlin

Team Secret wins the Rocketeers Thunderdome

November 23, 2018 - 15:46
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We have a Rocketeers Thunderdome: Freakii, Tylacto and Flame, better known as Team Secret have won the Renegade Cup Monthly November and qualify for the Renegade Cup Finals early next year. Last month, in Rocket Baguette’s Grand Prix, they came in 2nd after getting defeated by Red Reserve. This time they managed to secure first place and the major chunk of the $5000 prize pool.

Team Secret came back and had the upper hand

For a moment it actually looked like Team Secret might come in short again. In the Winner’s Final they met EU’s underground sensation French Fries, Pizza & Rugbrod and got defeated 4-1. But Team Secret shook it off quickly, beat exceL 4-0 to face the French Fries one more time in the Grand Final of the Thunderdome. This time they had the upper hand. Freakii, Tylacto and Flame booked their tickets to the Renegade Cup Finals with a 4-2 and 4-1 victory over the French Fries.

After four weeks of exciting Rocket League esports action here are the final standings of the Top 8 of the Rocketeers Thunderdome:

1. Team Secret

2. French Fries, Pizza & Rugbrod

3. exceL esports

4. method

5. Stratus

6. Moplo Storo

7. mCon eSports

8. Reason Gaming

Hundreds of fans celebrate in Berlin

The Grand Final of the Rocketeers Thunderdome was not only broadcasted on the Twitch channel of Rocketeers’ parent company VERITAS Entertainment, but also produced in front of a live audience in the Audi City Berlin. Hundreds of Rocket League fans came out to take a look behind the production, to celebrate the amazing esports action and to hang out with community icons such as Stumpy & Cole, ThePasch and Fnatic’s pro player Snaski.

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