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Rocketeers Thunderdome Finals come to Audi City Berlin

November 13, 2018 - 16:40
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The Rocketeers Thunderdome has already seen some fantastic matches and we’re even more excited to show you guys what we have planned for the Final Round of the tournament at the end of November. So, here it is:

On November 22nd we will celebrate Rocket League esports and the Grand Final of the Rocketeers Thunderdome with a live production and public viewing party in one of the coolest locations Berlin has to offer: the Audi City Berlin. And you can be a part of this celebration of Rocket League esports.

Here’s what you need to know:

About Audi City Berlin

The Audi City Berlin is a next level showroom by Audi in the heart of Berlin with gigantic video walls and Virtual Reality applications. We’re proud to have Audi City Berlin as partner for the Rocketeers Thunderdome and can’t wait to bring esports excitement into this fantastic event location. Audi City Berlin is located on Berlin’s famous shopping mile Kurfürstendamm: easy to reach and in the heart of Germany’s capital.

Here are a couple of pictures to give you an impression of what Audi City Berlin has to offer. For more info visit the Audi City Berlin website.

Audi City Berlin is a futuristic showroom in the heart of Berlin

Audi City Berlin is a showroom in the heart of Berlin

Audi City Berlin has huge video walls and will be the home of the best Rocket League public viewing party yet

Audi City Berlin has huge video walls and will be the home of the Rocketeers Thunderdome Grand Final

Audi City Berlin has space for up to 100 people and we will give out these exclusive seats to invited guests. But you can apply for a spot as well (see the form at the end of this page). There are no tickets for sale!

About the Rocketeers Thunderdome Grand Final

The Rocketeers Thunderdome is the Renegade Cup Monthly for the EU region in the month of November. It’s a tournament with almost 500 players from all across Europe and with a $5000 prize pool sponsored by Rocket League publisher Psyonix.

The Grand Final will show the best 8 teams of the tournament competing against each other in a Double Elimination Bracket. The first half of the Final Round (Round 1, Round 2 & Losers Round 1, Losers Round 2) will be played on the 21st and produced from our studio. For the 22nd we will build up the Thunderdome studio inside the Audi City Berlin including the caster’s desk and host a public viewing party of the final 4-5 matches of the Rocketeers Thunderdome.

Hang out with pros, casters and the community!

Guests on site will be provided with catering and clapsticks to cheer for the players who play their matches on stream. At the same time they can see the live production and all the casters (Stumpy, Cole & ThePasch) in action, meet and hang out with pros, casters, streamers and their community – and enjoy a variety of goodies and giveaways.

Stumpy & Cole

Rocket League community icons Stumpy and Cole

In addition, we will also invite professional Rocket League player Snaski from Fnatic as well as a couple of streamers and influencers to Berlin for Meet & Greets, Beat the Pro or Coaching sessions on one of our Rocket League gaming stations that we set up for all guests.

Summary of the Thunderdome Viewing Party

When: November 22nd, 6pm CET (Live Stream starts at 7pm CET)

Where: Audi City Berlin, Kurfürstendamm 195, Germany


  • Live Public Viewing of the Rocketeers Thunderdome Finals
  • Beat the Pro & Coaching Session with professional Rocket League player Snaski from Fnatic
  • Meet & Greet with Rocket League players and influencers
  • Giveaways & Goodies
  • Rocket League Gaming Stations
  • Catering included for all guests

Request an invitation

This event is highly exclusive and invitation-only with a limited amount of seats available. In case you’re in the Berlin area and want to witness the Rocketeers Thunderdome Grand Final with a community that’s as excited about Rocket League esports as you are, feel free to get in touch with us to request an invitation. There are no tickets for sale. The only way to get in is through an invitation (free of any charge).

Our partners

The Rocketeers Thunderdome is sponsored by

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