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May 3, 2018 - 15:41
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We launched at the end of January and so far it’s been a blast! The feedback we receive is incredibly positive. It shows us that there is a demand for great Rocket League esports content and for cool stories surrounding the pro players, the tournaments and all the high-adrenaline action only Rocket League offers.

Our burning passion for Rocket League

In the three month since our launch we’ve published more than 100 articles and videos. We interviewed some of the greatest Rocket League players of all time, such as Fairy Peak, Paschy, Lethamyr, Klassux, miztik and Snaski. We analysed upcoming matches, investigated rumours regarding possible roster changes and want to pass on the pro’s knowledge with our Training section.

Creating content for Rocketeers is a lot of work, and even though we do it with a burning passion for Rocket League and its growing esports scene, we really appreciate any form of support from the community that we’re a part of. It helps us to cover server costs, web development and give something back to our writers.

How Patreon works

That’s why we’ve launched a Patreon page today. Patreon gives content creators the opportunity to finance their work. If you’ve never heard of Patreon, here’s how it works:

Rocket League Patreon Crowdfunding Community

Click on the image to get to our Patreon page

Fans of our content can head over to the Rocketeers Patreon page and select which amount of money they want to spend each month to support Rocketeers. There are different tiers and they all come with different rewards. If the amount of supporters increases and we reach certain milestones, we will unlock cool Goal Achievements for you, such as:

  • Monthly Live AMAs on our Discord server with professional players
  • Community tournaments that we broadcast live via Twitch


Rewards for our supporters

We also have lots of cool rewards for the different supporter tiers, for example:

  • Matches against one of our authors
  • Participation in the aforementioned tournaments
  • Producer credits on our front page
  • Cool Discord roles and a separate chat room


Rocketeers content will always be free

Just so that there’s no confusion: The content on will always be free, but if you want to show your appreciation towards the people behind the magazine and give something back, our new Patreon page is the best way to do so.

Thank you for all the support during the past months! is the #1 magazine about Rocket League esports. We provide the followers of the Rocket League esports scene with daily content: interviews, analysis, recaps, previews.