Rocket League finally gets a Tournament Mode

February 1, 2018 - 17:11
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Rocket League publisher Psyonix unveiled this week the roadmap for the upcoming months. The most important feature in the Spring Update: the Tournament Mode.

The Tournament Mode is a feature that has long been awaited by the Rocket League community. It was expected to go into beta testing at the end of 2017, but Psyonix had to delay until spring 2018. Now the time has apparently come. Starting February the publisher will test the new feature in a Steam beta. In March or April the Tournament Mode will enter the game in its final form.

Bracketed, single-elimination tournaments

The Tournament Mode will give players the option to play bracketed, single-elimination tournaments against other Rocket League players without having to leave the client. For the growing esports scene of Rocket League this is certainly good news. Such a mode will probably lead to even more people wanting to compete on a professional level. We at are excited for the new update and can’t wait to hear what the pros think about it. Community veteran CloudFuel already seems hyped:

Apart from the tournament mode the Spring Update will feature a lot of Quality of Life improvements. Psyonix promises better Item Filtering and more options regarding in-game messages. After the launch of the Tournament Mode Psyonix also promises to focus more on cross-platform parties and new arenas. You can read the full roadmap right here.

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