This Week in Rocket League: Schedules for RLCS announced

March 14, 2018 - 15:55
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Play-In Qualifiers

Over the weekend, Rival Series and ThrowdownTV hosted qualifiers for their last league spots. In Europe and North America, 4 teams qualified for league play. They join the 4 teams returning to Rival Series on Friday with Week 1 fixtures. In Oceania, 6 teams joined the OCE Championship.


  • Play-In Qualifying: Method, Placebo, Triple Trouble, Zebra Nose
  • Returning: Ares, ExRay, Team Secret, The Juicy Kids

For more information on the European play-in, checkout’s recap.

North America

  • Play-In Qualifying: Incognito, Manhattan, Splyce, The D00ds
  • Returning: Allegiance, Dignitas, FlyQuest, SpaceStation Gaming (formerly Radiance)

For more information on the North American play-in, checkout’s recap.


  • Play-In Qualifiying: Dark Sided, JAM Gaming, Love Decks, Retirement Home, Legacy Esports, and Legs are Silly
  • Returning: Chiefs and Tainted Minds

For more information on the Oceaniac qualifier, checkout’s recap.


On Monday, Rocket League Esports announced the schedules for RLCS and RLRS league play. Here are several matches to look forward to in Week 1:


Out of Style vs NRG

  • Hato and jstn will debut for Out of Style and NRG respectively.
  • jstn will face his ex-teammates, Lachinio and Epicjonny, for the 1st time.


Ghost vs Cloud9

  • Cloud9 will be playing their first major event since ELEAGUE last December.
  • After an average showing at DreamHack Leipzig with their new addition, Matt, Ghost will set out to prove that their strong league play run last season was not a fluke.


F3 vs exceL

  • Markydooda. A talisman of the Flipsid3 roster. He returns to face kuxir and the boys for the first time since joining exceL.


PSG vs EnVyUs

  • While PSG looked consistently strong in premier competitions over the past 8 months, they had not collected major silverware. Over the break, they won DreamHack Leipzig, proving their status as one of the best in the world.
  • Similar to jstn’s performance in the North American Rival Series, EyeIgnite statistically dominated the European Rival Series. Will those dominating performances translate to the highest level of competition?


Dignitas vs The D00ds

  • Dignitas are expected to top the table after their strong showings in the DreamHack Open and Rival Series Season 1. The D00ds are the first rung on the ladder.
  • The D00ds gained notoriety for their run in the DreamHack Open qualifier, where they defeated 3 RLCS/RLRS teams (Rogue, eQuinox, and Allegiance) on their way to qualifying for the event in Leipzig.


Fantasy League

Rocket League Garage’s Fantasy League returns. Similar to fantasy football, as a manager you select a roster on a weekly basis who you believe will perform well in their matchups. You compete with other players by collecting points according to your selected players’ statistics for the week. Read more…

MLD Championship Series

The MLD Platinum League season concluded on Sunday with the last week of divisional play. 5 teams from each conference advanced to the Championship Series Playoffs. The wild-card round of the playoffs starts Saturday at 9PM ET on the MLD Network.




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