More than 18 Minutes

Vitality and Dignitas played the longest Overtime in professional Rocket League history

August 14, 2018 - 17:33
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When you’ve played Rocket League for a while, you’ve had your fair share of long Overtimes. But when two of the best teams in the entire world face each other, playing Overtime can become a bit extreme.

Last weekend, Team Vitality faced Team Dignitas in the Semifinals of “The Play”, a Rocket League event hosted by Rocket Baguette – and one of their matches set up a new record for longest Overtime in professional Rocket League history. Both teams battled each other on the pitch for nerve-wracking 18 minutes and 9 seconds after the regular five minutes had passed, making it a 23-minutes-long match.

Strong defense by both teams

Vitality’s Fairy Peak was finally able to put the ball in the net after a pass combination by his two teammates, Scrub Killa and Paschy, making it the first goal of the match, which is just a testament to the strong defense of both teams. Here’s the final play in action:

After 23 minutes, Dignitas’ ViolentPanda had 11 saves to his name and Paschy gave his opponent in the in-game chat the nickname “Violent Neuer”, a hommage to Germany’s star goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

In-game chat reactions after the 18 minute overtime (Dig vs Vit)

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