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Rocketeers - These are the Camera Settings the Pros use

Bluey, Turbopolsa, Kronovi

These are the Camera Settings the Pros use

February 6, 2018 - 15:51
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When it comes to having success in Rocket League your mechanical gameplay skills are only one part that actually matters. You should also customize your camera settings in order to succeed. Rocketeers.gg has the guide for you.

But first: Why should you change the camera settings at all? Aren’t they fine the way they are? Well…. yes… and no. The default settings are fine if you want to learn Rocket League. But as your overall gameplay improves you will realize that they sometimes lack the overview you need to make the best decision in every moment of the game. Fortunately Psyonix implemented the possibility to customize the camera settings in various ways. Just go to your Options menu and select Camera. There you can play around with things like Angle, Distance, Stiffness and change the way you look at your car.

Here’s what the default camera settings look like:

Rocket League Camera Default

This is what every player sees once he starts Rocket League

What do the different settings mean?

So, what are recommended settings? If you browse through data bases such as Liquipedia you’ll notice that every player has his own settings, but there are lots of similarities between their settings. Let’s take a look at the settings most pro players change.

Camera Shake: This feature is by default active and creates an action-filled atmosphere while playing Rocket League. Well… you should turn it off… forever! There’s not a single pro in the RLCS that actually uses the camera shake that occurs for example during collisions. It is distracting from the gameplay and leads to you lacking precision.

The two most important settings are FOV (field of view) and Distance. FOV dictates how wide your field of view on the pitch is. If you increase the number you will see more of the field, but some players feel that your car precision will suffer if you stress it too much. Most players prefer a FOV of at least 100, many even going all the way up to 110. See if this works for you.

Rocket League Camera Settings Field of View (FOV)

This picture shows how much the FOV setting changes your perspective. Left is the standard setting, on the right is the maximum setting of 110 that most pros use to see more of the pitch.

Distance sets the distance of the camera behind your car. Increasing this number results in an even bigger field of view, because you will also be able to see more of the room right behind your car. Dribblings and controlling the ball in general might get too difficult, once you went all out. So choose carefully. Most players are fine with a distance of around 260, but if you can manage it you could actually try to go head to head with the pros who use settings around 300, in some extreme cases even 320. On average the pros usually go for a distance of 280.

Rocket League Camera Settings Distance

Again: On the left are the default settings, but if you push the distance up to for example 320 you see a lot more what’s happening behind your car.

The other settings aren’t as impactful as these two. However, here are some explanations and recommendations:

Camera Height: How high do you want to locate the camera above your car? The default value is 100 and there are many pro players who stick with it, although most increase it slightly, maybe to 110 or 120.

Rocket League Camera Settings Height

Increasing the Camera Height influences significantly your perspective. On the right the Height is turned up to 120.

Camera Angle: At what angle is the camera facing your car? By default it’s -3 degrees and you should probably stick to that. However, if you feel adventurous try different settings. Some pro players go for -5.

Rocket League Camera Settings Camera Angle

The Camera Angle changes the angle from which you look onto your car. Left is the default view which most pros also stick to. On the right you see how much it changes if you go for something like -10.

Camera Stiffness: How stiff does the camera remain? Usually it’s 0 and again: This is just fine, as the camera will smoothly turn whenever your car does, but the pros often go for different settings, even up to 1.0 at which point the camera remains completely stiff and locked in on your car

Camera Swivel Speed: This affects how fast the camera will turn if your car does. For this option there simply are no recommendations. The default value of 2.5 seems fine, but pros choose everything from 1.0 to 10.0. Just feel free to experiment or even leave it alone.

Camera settings of 6 pros

Maybe it is unnecessary to emphasize this, however: What works for the pros might not necessarily work for you. So don’t take these settings as a guarantee for an improved win rate. In fact, it is quite possible that you will at first feel quite uncomfortable with these new settings because you played Rocket League for hours on end with your old settings. So take your time to adjust and then go out rocking Rocket League with these pro settings.

Here are five settings of top players of the RLCS. Try them out to give yourself the edge over your opponent:

Bluey (PSG eSports)

Bluey’s camera settings aren’t that unusual. He goes for a bit of more Height and has a comparably shorter Distance. This is how his settings are and how they look in-game:

Rocket League Camera Settings Bluey

Bluey’s settings: FOV: 110; Height: 110; Angle: -3.0; Distance: 240; Stiffness: 0.10; Swivel: 7.0; Transition: 1.00

Fairy Peak (Vitality)

Fairy Peak is considered by some to be the best player in the world. Noteworthy in his settings: He turns the Camera Swivel Speed all the way up to 10.

Rocket League Camera Settings Fairy Peak

Fairy Peak’s settings: FOV: 110; Height: 100; Angle: -3.0; Distance: 270; Stiffness: 0.35; Swivel: 10.0; Transition: 1.00

Jacob (ex-NRG)

Jacob is one of the most iconic Rocket League players. The former NRG pro-player likes to increase the Camera Distance up to 300.

Rocket League camera settings Jacob

Jacob’ssettings: FOV: 100; Height: 120; Angle: -4.0; Distance: 300; Stiffness: 0.65; Swivel: 6.0; Transition: 1.00

Kronovi (G2)

The most prominent player in Rocket League history increases the Camera Angle to -4.

Rocket League Camera Settings Kronovi

Kronovi’s settings: FOV: 110; Height: 110; Angle: -4.0; Distance: 280; Stiffness: 0.60; Swivel: 2.50; Transition: 1.00

Turbopolsa (Team Dignitas)

He’s the first ever two-time RLCS World Champion. The Swedish player loves to push the Angle to -5 and also increase the Camera Height slightly to 110.

Rocket League Camera Settings Turbopolsa

Turbopolsa’s settings: FOV: 110; Height: 110; Angle: -5.0; Distance: 270; Stiffness: 0.45; Swivel: 6.0; Transition: 1.00

Maestro (Fnatic)

Fnatic’s Maestro is notorious for really increasing the Camera Distance. He currently plays with a Distance of 320, which is way more than most other pros do. His Camera Angle of -6 is also highly unusual if you compare it to most other pro-players.

Rocket League Camera Settings Maestro

Maestsro’s settings: FOV: 101; Height: 110; Angle: -6.0; Distance: 320; Stiffness: 0.40; Swivel: 5.0; Transition: 1.00


Dorian discovered Rocket League when it first came to PS4. He stopped playing after he saw the RLCS for the first time and became discouraged from trying any more miserable Aerials. As a journalist with more than a decade of experience working for many of the biggest German media companies he now lives out his Rocket League passion as Head Editor for Rocketeers.gg

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