Recap of one of the craziest weeks yet

RLCS Week 4: Unexpected results across the regions

May 2, 2019 - 10:10
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Week 4 of the RLCS S7 brought some highly unexpected results across all regions. In case you missed some of the action over the weekend, here’s a recap of one of the craziest weeks we’ve had in Rocket League in a long time.

RLCS Week 4

North America

During week 4 of RLCS, North America saw two of the “Big 3” falling. G2 lost in a relatively close series against an on fire NRG, and Cloud 9 were defeated by Spacestation Gaming. This leaves NRG as the only undefeated team in North America at 5 wins. The top three is already set, but now there are four teams vying for the final three spots. Ghost Gaming had an incredible week and beat Spacestation and Rogue, who had looked like top four contenders. With Splyce as the sole team out of the competition for first, their only hope is to redeem themselves by playing spoiler to Spacestation. With the middle four teams facing off this week, and Cloud 9 fighting for a top 2 spot against the other two top teams, week 5 should be an incredible conclusion to the season.


Oceania, a week behind the rest, had a close week 3. Out of Order and 1NE Esports are both themselves as top four contenders with a 3 to 1 victory and a sweep respectively. Justice Esports fell to ICON in a close game 4, leaving ICON and Chiefs as the only undefeated teams with 4 wins each. Chiefs were taken to a close game five against Team Esper, showing that no matter the legacy, any team can bleed. There seems to be a clear top five teams, with three bottom teams. These bottom teams have a combined one win and eleven losses, with the only win being against each other. The race to top 4, and then top 2 will be hotly contested by these five teams, and could even be taken from a “bottom team.” One of the highly anticipated match ups, Out of Order against the Chiefs, will be next week.


Europe was absolutely insane this week. Half of the series could be classified as upsets. Possibly the biggest surprise was that Vitality, who were on track for the highest win differential ever, fell to Triple Trouble in only four games. Triple Trouble went on to beat Dignitas in a tense game 5. PSG and FC Barcelona both had very good weeks, and each got two wins. Overall, there are three teams that will fit into the bottom two spots, and one will be able to obtain a playoff spot. The Bricks, Mousesports, and surprisingly Dignitas will battle it out next week to stay out of the promotion playoffs. Vitality has already secured a top 2 spot, but there are still four teams who could get the other top spot. The climax to Europe’s roller coaster of a season will occur next week, so make sure you do not miss out.

South America

Week 4 of South America’s Grand Series had arguably two of the best series yet. Predicted top team Erodium went against the undefeated INTZ Esports and managed a game 5 win. They then went against another top team: Lowkey. After fighting through a game 4 overtime, Erodium brought the series to a game 5 overtime. In this thrilling conclusion, Lowkey barely scraped out a goal, and upset the top team. The other three series were sweeps, and further separated the top four teams from the bottom four. The divide between these teams makes next week one of the most important for these top teams, as Lotus will go against two other top teams in the form of Erodium and INTZ.

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