Here’s What’s Happening Across Regions After 3 Weeks of RLCS

April 24, 2019 - 15:55
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We’re three weeks into RLCS S7 and it’s time to give an overview on all the things that are happening across all regions. In case you’ve missed any of the action, here’s the best way to catch up as we take a look not only on EU and NA, but also on South America and Oceania.

North America

After three weeks of RLCS and the season being just over halfway done, there is a clear divide between the “Big 3” and the rest. Each member of the trio, C9, NRG, and G2, are currently topping the standings at four wins and zero losses. The next team, Spacestation Gaming, only has one win and two losses. No other teams than the top trio have acquired more than one win, with Ghost as the only winless team.

Among the lower teams, any could take the final LAN spot, or even upset a top team to make it. Rogue, Spacestation, and Evil Geniuses stand out, but Splyce and Ghost could still turn their seasons around. It is definitely a three team race to a top spot, but this week one of these teams will fall as G2 will take on C9 and fight to continue the streak.


Oceania has been a very spread out, with a majority of the games being sweeps. Chiefs are showing themselves as one of the strongest teams, if not the strongest. They are currently undefeated with ICON and Justice, but have yet to drop an individual game, and have a very similar score differential to the other two top teams, while playing one less series. ICON, Chiefs, and Out of Order were predicted to top the standings, but Justice and 1NE Esports are holding their own at 2nd and fourth respectively.

While it seems that Chiefs will return to the RLCS, it should be the most difficult this season to receive one of the two spots. Even the three lower teams could pull it back and fight for a spot. This weekend will be exciting with many matches and the current top teams facing off.


Europe is currently the closest region. Of all eight teams, any could clinch a top two spot, and the only team safe from relegation is Vitality. The new Renault Vitality team is showing how good they are with five wins and no losses; they are also on track to beat Dignitas’ record game differential last season. Vitality has essentially secured a top two spot, and TSM will be fighting to stay in the second spot.

The biggest storyline of the season is Dignitas’ fall to last place. They currently have one win and three losses, tied with Mousesports and separated only by one game loss. While they showed promise with their win at Dreamhack Leipzig, we will have to wait and see if this is a slump, or a continual problem. Not only are the LAN spots open to anyone, getting a top six finish to fight for a ticket to LAN will be a challenge. It’s anyone’s game, but Vitality seem pretty secure.

South America

South America shows the most divide among the regions, with a very clear top and bottom half. The top four teams, Erodium, INTZ Esports, Lowkey Esports, and Lotus have all secured top four spots, but the bottom four teams are fighting to stay out of the last two spots. This region is almost perfectly divided, with a positive score differential for each top team mirrored by the negative version. These four will be in for a brawl to get the two final LAN spots.

If you have never watched South American RLCS, this is the week to join in as two of the matches are between these top teams. In fact, the first match of the day is between the two remaining undefeated teams.

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