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Rocketeers - What RLCS Champions Vitality said minutes after their big triumph in New Jersey

The best team in the world

What RLCS Champions Vitality said minutes after their big triumph in New Jersey

June 24, 2019 - 23:15
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Once more the RLCS World Championship title goes to EU. Renault Vitality, represented by the three star players Scrub Killa, Fairy Peak and Kaydop, played an incredible season. They came in as the #1 seed from the EU region and defeated G2, NA’s #2 seeded team, in a dominant fashion 4-1.

For Kaydop this was the fifth Grand Final participation in a row, and his third victory which puts him on par with former teammate Turbopolsa. However, it was phenom Scrub Killa, a long-time prospect of the Rocket League scene, who really popped off over the course of the season, granting him the MVP title in addition to his first World Championship medal.

After the Grand Final, Rocketeers.gg as well as other outlets such as ESPN, Octane.gg and Forbes, had the chance to sit down with the three Vitality players as well as their manager Gregan to discuss their victory. Here’s what the team had to say.

“We could kinda hear that they were rooting for G2”

Asked about the crowd being more in favor of G2, Scrub Killa didn’t seem to mind that much. “Nah, it doesn’t really affect you. You don’t hear it during the match. In between we could kinda hear that they were rooting for G2, but when you are in the game you just focus on the game at hand and on your communication. We basically talk nonstop during our matches.”

Kaydop also added that it was the first NA crowd that didn’t boo at him, and Fairy Peak recalled past experiences with North American crowds: “I still remember that when we played versus NRG in season 3, everytime they scored the crowd went crazy, but when we scored it was dead silent. This has changed a bit.”

“We’re all good friends outside of the game”

In the press conference all three players made sure to emphasize the good relationship that the teammates have with one another. “We are all good friends outside the game, and that really helps,” said Scrub Killa. “If you have two teammates who really don’t like each other, you’re never going to win. Or at least it will be much harder.”

Especially the bond between Kaydop and fellow French player Fairy Peak is what boosted the team chemistry, according to their manager Gregan. “Since we have Kaydop, Fairy Peak has been overall so much more happy. Having a close French communication is so key. Me and Scrub are also very good friends who talk about a lot of things. Having people in your team that you can talk about anything with really adds to the level of comfort that you feel. ”

Gregan’s mission in the past months has been to create an environment in which his three uniquely talented players can enjoy playing the game. “When they have fun, they play the best. That’s the environment we tried to have today: A positive attitude, have fun and play our best, enjoy it. Once you get to the actual match day, you can’t do anything. All of the preparation was done before this. The last thing you can do is have fun.”

Gregan, the man in the background, has been with Vitality ever since their Rocket League entry. As a former caster and analyst as well as beloved community persona, Vitality asked him back in the day to scout a team for him. Not just any team, but the best team in the world, as he recalled minutes after winning the World Championship. “We started out with Fairy Peak, Paschy and Freakii. From there on, every change we made was to make us a better team. The ultimate goal was always to win the World Championship.”

Kaydop, the greatest of all time?

The biggest game changer for Vitality over the course of the past one-and-a-half years was probably recruiting Kaydop, who came in as a two-time World Champion. Without him, his former teammates from Dignitas didn’t even make it to the LAN event in New Jersey while he and his new teammates went on to win his next title. Is he the GOAT, the Greatest of all Time?

Kaydop stayed humble and even joked a bit: “I got lucky, these guys carried me,” but added quickly: “I think I bring good decisions to a team, especially regarding the rotations, but these two guys are amazing.” Fairy found clear words for his teammate and friend: “His positive attitude helps a lot. Even if we’re down 7 games and need to win 8 in a row, he will say that it’s no problem and that we got this. His mindset is incredible.”

Gregan added: “When all of the players were asked if Kaydop was the best player in the world, every player said, ‘yes.’ Kaydop said, ‘I don’t care if I’m the best player in the world, I care if my team is the best team in the world.’ That sums up how Kaydop plays; it’s not about him, it’s about the team.”

“Every team will be after us”

Going forward, the Vitality players don’t plan to take an extended break. In fact, Scrub was fairly certain that he’ll pick up the controller the moment he gets home and Fairy Peak is already focused on the next event, Dreamhack Valencia. “I might take two days off, but we have to prepare for Dreamhack Valencia in two weeks. Every team will be after us, now that we won the World Championship.”

Dorian discovered Rocket League when it first came to PS4. He stopped playing after he saw the RLCS for the first time and became discouraged from trying any more miserable Aerials. As a journalist with more than a decade of experience working for many of the biggest German media companies he now lives out his Rocket League passion as Head Editor for Rocketeers.gg

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