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Renegade Cup Finals kick of this weekend

February 9, 2019 - 02:18
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After 4 Renegade Cup monthlies, the finals have arrived. Europe begins today and runs through Sunday. North America takes place the weekend after DreamHack Leipzig, February 22nd-24th. Liefx, Vodible, Squidd, and Lethamyr are casting the finals.

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Around the Community

Collegiate Rocket League returns with a $50,000 prize pool and its first even Spring Season. For each of the 4 conferences, 8 Season 2 League Play teams and 8 qualifier teams are invited to the Conference Championship. Any Season 2 teams that do not retain 50% of their roster are replaced with a qualifier team.

Axeltoss and FindableCarpet are not returning for RLCS Season 7. We are potentially looking at a new host for RLCS and the return of Shogun (assuming visa issues have been resolved).

epic.LAN is hosting a 3s LAN event in Kettering, England this weekend. Learn more…

RL Bot is hosting the Winterbrite tournament March 9th – 10th for artificially intelligent battle-cars. If you are interested in learning about creating your own Jarvis, check out the RL Bot site.

The collegiate CStarLeague Spring Season is in Week 5 of group play. Learn more….




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