Renault sponsors Team Vitality and signs Paschy, Freakii and Fairy Peak

February 12, 2018 - 17:58
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The wait is over: Today the former Mock-it squad of Paschy, Freakii and Fairy Peak, who for the past month have been playing under the name Guess Who?, finally announced who their new organization will be.

To many this is not even a surprise at this point, but the org that the three RLCS players signed a contract with is no other than Team Vitality. Many initially suspected that after Freakii flirted with Team Vitality for quite some time in January, even though many (us at times included) weren’t sure if this was just an attempt by Freakii to troll the community.

Now it is official: Team Vitality will enter the RLCS and also the Gfinity Elite Series, as Vitality already announced earlier.

New manager, new sponsor

Even if the reveal doesn’t come as the biggest surprise, there are still two interesting news regarding that latest reveal:

1. Gregan is onboard as team manager. Gregan is mostly known as a Rocket League caster. In January he casted Dreamhack Leipzig for example. According to his Twitter feed he will take a year out of casting to concentrate on his new management position.

2. Renault is entering Rocket League esports. That news is huge and a big step for Rocket League in the right direction. In order to become even bigger the scene needs more well-known sponsors that believe in esports in general and Rocket League in particular. That Rocket League is a good fit for a car company such as Renault is obvious. We’re excited to see what their entry into the scene will change.

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