Player's Diary, Part 3

G2’s Chicago about the longest overtime in RLCS history and their upcoming match against NRG

April 26, 2019 - 14:19
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Our Player’s Diary is the weekly column by G2’s newcomer Reed “Chicago” Wilen, who takes us behind the scenes of the RLCS.

Last weekend, G2 managed to beat Ghost (including the longest overtime in RLCS history) and stay undefeated, making clear that they belong up there with Cloud9 and NRG as part of the NA Big 3. The upcoming weekend might be the most decisive weekend of NA Rocket League in a long time as G2 have to not only play Splyce, but will also face NRG, their competitor for a top 2 spot.

In our latest diary entry Chicago speaks about the challenge ahead, surviving the longest overtime and who he thinks is the best individual player in the world.

“We were finally able to translate our training performance into an actual RLCS match”

“It actually happened! Last weekend we managed to beat Ghost. Now after week 3 we’re still undefeated, so are NRG and Cloud9, which makes the upcoming week possibly the most important week of Rocket League I’ve played in a long time. We were finally able to translate our training performance into an actual RLCS match. This was one of the biggest struggles going into the season.

We were well prepared for Ghost and not surprised by anything that they were doing. We felt comfortable right off the bat, which is why we were able to not only go 3-0 but also take that 8 minute overtime. We simply weren’t panicked.

“When it comes to overtime you have to give 200%”

But man, that overtime. It’s the longest overtime in RLCS history, more than 8 minutes. During any game you need to give it 110% and play your best, but when it comes to overtime you have to give 200%. It’s all about the Golden Goal and as soon as you make a mistake, the other team can capitalize and take the win. Your rotations and comms must be the best they can be. You need to capitalize on your offensive sequences, your passing, and try to catch them off guard, surprise them in any way possible.

After 8 minutes we hit the touch to JKnaps which he centered to me. I was centered because I saw the play coming and saw how free it was. I said “I got it!” and ended that 8 minute overtime. Afterward, I just sank into my chair and gave a big exhale. A huge sigh of relief. I definitely needed that 50 seconds of post-game time to recuperate.

“This weekend might be the most important one in a long time”

This weekend might be the most important one in a long time. If we win both matches, especially the one against NRG, then we have a good chance of getting a top 2 spot. It’s not guaranteed, but it would take a lot off our shoulders. If we don’t go 2-0 then we have to rely on other teams and matchups going in our favor, which is something you never want to bank on.

The match versus NRG is definitely the most important one. They have in my opinion the best individual player in the world: jstn. Their rotations are based around keeping possession and always having boost, so that whenever you see jstn by the ball you just know that he has boost. He does crazy things with the ball, so you have to make sure that you challenge him and not let him do his freestyle acrobatics. You can’t allow him to get too comfortable in the air.

“I perform best when I play against the best”

Playing against the top teams is the most fun for me. I perform best when I play against the best. That’s how I like it. Also, you know what to expect when you play against these teams. The lower ranked teams can feel kinda random at times, doing something completely unusual whereas with teams like NRG you just know that it will be a high-intensity matchup. I prefer that. In order to defeat NRG, we haven’t changed our practice schedule that much. We’re just making sure that we’re focusing on our plays and understand the things NRG like to do to figure out counters for it.

Still, we can’t forget that NRG is not our only opponent this weekend. We also have to play against Splyce, and this is RLCS – you can’t take anyone lightly. Still, we want to go 3-0 against them to get as warmed up as possible for the NRG match later that day. Of course, we will have focused preparation for Splyce, but NRG is the more important matchup for us.

“A 3-0 would give us that feeling of dominance”

A 3-0 versus Splyce would not only be nice for the game differential but more importantly, it would give us that feeling of dominance that would help us in the NRG match. My teammates and I all know that this might be our biggest week and that it’s no time to joke around. We take criticism as best as we can and try to fix each other’s little quirks.

A year ago I wasn’t very good at taking criticism, but lately taking any idea, suggestion, or criticism is basically one of my favorite things because it shows me how much I can improve and become a better team player. When I was on Dignitas or even Evil Geniuses I used to make excuses for things that I was doing wrong. Now I just take it as an opportunity and use it to my advantage to help my team.”

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