OCE heads to the RLCS

Oceania Playoffs Recap: Renegades and Out of Order go to the World Championship

May 21, 2019 - 17:29
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This weekend, Oceanic teams faced off in their playoffs to see who would get spots in the RLCS finals. There were three clear contenders with dark horse 1NE Esports hoping to upset. This region ended up being the closest with every series between the top three teams going to a game 7.


To start off the day, Renegades faced off with 1NE Esports and ICON faced Out of Order. Renegades, unsurprisingly, continued their final league play form and swept 1NE Esports. 1NE Esports kept the games close as they forced two overtimes, but Renegades turned up their play to end game 4 with a resounding 5-0 scoreline.

The next match was a telling one for the rest of the day. ICON, who remained undefeated for most of league play, faced Out of Order. These two were Renegades main competitors, and had last matched up in week one. These teams were also the predicted contenders for second place, but also could easily push Renegades out of RLCS finals. This series ended up barely in ICON’s favor as they secured the win in game 7.

Upper and Lower Finals

In the upper finals, with an RLCS spot on the line, ICON turned up their pressure. They looked set to sweep Renegades when up 3-0. Renegades barely edged out the win in game 4, but their momentum grew. They convincingly won the next two games in shutouts, and headed to game 7 to secure a finals spot with the completion of the reverse sweep. They managed to pull it off, and were the first confirmed RLCS team. They also gained a game advantage in the final series to determine seeding.

In the first round of the loser bracket, Out of Order ruined 1NE’s hopes with a decisive 4-1 series win. They were again faced with ICON Esports, who had just lost in a reverse sweep to Renegades. ICON came out swinging getting two more wins than their last four games, only to have Out of Order win three in a row. In a do-or-die situation, ICON forced a game 7, and a game 7 overtime. In only 19 seconds, Out of Order had shut down ICON’s hopes with an overtime goal.


The RLCS spots had been taken, and the only thing to play for was seeding to hopefully secure better match ups. Renegades, from the upper bracket, had an innate one game advantage. This was their saving grace apparently, as Out of Order quickly won three games, putting Renegades on match point with no games actually won. Renegades, again, would not go down. With only three games needed, Renegades had three dominant games, and secured the number one Oceanic seed to RLCS. Out of Order will be the second seed.

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