NA Shuffle: Ghost adds Mist, Firstkiller to Rogue, and RBG releases its roster

January 21, 2020 - 00:55
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The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season 9 roster shuffle got a little strange today with the announcement that Jason “Firstkiller” Corral, the rookie 1v1 star who signed with Ghost Gaming last week, has been moved off of the roster. Instead, former Knights player Nick “Mist” Costello has joined Ghost for the season, and will play alongside Braxton “Allushin” Lagarec and Massimo “Atomic” Franceschi.

As for Firstkiller? Well, he’s joined his second RLCS team in the span of a week, moving over to Rogue for the season ahead. He will play alongside Cameron “Kronovi” Bills and Nick “Wonder” Blackerby this season. It’s not entirely clear what happened, although Firstkiller removed Ghost branding from his Twitter profile last week amidst rumors about fallout from past comments made on stream.

And that’s not all for today. RBG Esports has also parted ways with what’s left of its RLCS roster, with players Jalen “rapid” Parker and Sebastian “Sea-Bass” Becerra departing the org. Most likely, they’ve been acquired by another organization for the season, whether it’s an established teamless RLCS org like Complexity Gaming or perhaps a new one, like the interested Golden Guardians.

The ex-RBG roster still has yet to announce its third starter following the dismissal of Daniel “Aeon” Dunfee in early December. The rosters might be locked, but it’s clear that the full results of the North American roster shuffle aren’t yet known. Stay tuned.

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