Must-see moments from RLCS Season 9 – Week 2

February 18, 2020 - 00:47
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Season 9 of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) continued play this past weekend, with Week 2 action bringing key matchups as stories developed further in North America and Europe. Additionally, South America’s regional-equivalent Grand Series got underway.

It’s still early in the lengthened RLCS season, so it’s too soon to make any calls about who’s going to top the standings by the end of league play. However, the wins and losses are starting to accumulate, and we’re getting some fantastic plays along the way.

Here’s a look at our favorite plays from Week 2 of RLCS Season 9.

AxB’s waterfall read

Check out this beauty of a shot from Spacestation Gaming’s Alexandre “AxB” Bellemare, fielding a pass from Tshaka “Arsenal” Taylor Jr. and setting up a waterfall shot that he completes with a perfect read. It helped lead to SSG’s one win in the series, but ultimately the Soniqs claimed their first series victory of the season with a 3-1 result.

Mist with the outplay

Nick “mist” Costello didn’t need any help with this slick shot, beating the entirety of eUnited en route to sinking this goal. Ghost looked better than last week, while eUnited looked much worse, with Mist helping to lift his team to a 3-0 sweep. Both teams sit at 1-1 for the season thus far.

Squishy + ceiling = Wow

It sure is nice to see a classic Squishy shot from Mariano “SquishyMuffinz” Arruda himself. The Cloud9 star worked a bit of his well-established magic against Rogue this weekend, popping the ball up against the ceiling before perfectly slotting it in the goal. As for his team…

Kro wins for Rogue

Squishy might’ve popped off earlier in the series, but ultimately it was Cameron “Kronovi” Bills and Rogue that finished the job thanks to this sick Game 5 overtime goal. The pairing of Kronovi and rookie Jason “firstkiller” Corral seems to be coming together well, but Cloud9 continues to struggle coming into RLCS Season 9. After last season’s near-relegation result, they’ve started 0-2 so far.

Just Jstn things

Justin “Jstn” Morales has a habit of making opposing teams look downright silly, and that was the case again against Flight this weekend. NRG roughed up the newcomers with a 3-0 sweep beginning with this nutty outplay. Flip reset? Wavedash? Beating out an entire team? The man does it all.

Godsmilla owns Kaydop

Now that’s a phrase we didn’t expect to be writing today. If there’s any play this weekend that’s likely to live on in our minds through the season, if not beyond, it’s this one. It’s the start of overtime in Game 5, and Team Singularity’s Leon “Godsmilla” Mares takes to the sky off of the kickoff to try to put the ball towards the Vitality goal. He does… and in a wacky chain of events, he hits a flip reset and completes the pool shot to slam Alexandre “Kaydop” Courant into the ball to complete the own goal.

A wild win for Singularity and a heck of a birthday gift to Godsmilla. Teammate Jason “noly” Kidd had an amazing double-tap goal earlier in the series, too.

Aztral keeps his eye on the ball

Dignitas went up to 2-0 for the season on the back of nutty goals like this one from Maello “AztraL” Ernst. It’s pretty baffling-looking at normal speed, but the replay reveals the skill behind the shot as AztraL hits the back wall, then darts down towards the ball as it bounces off the goalpost to complete the score. Mechanics!

Speed’s laser beam

Jack “Speed” Packwood-Clarke lived up to his name with this insanely fast shot across the pitch—a laser blast to the upper left corner off of a pass from Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson. Despite this impressive showing, Mousesports fell 3-1 to Team Reciprocity; the reigning European champions sit atop the region at 2-0 after two weeks.

Juan sweet redirect

South America’s Grand Series also began play this past weekend, and INTZ scored a heck of a shot with this Juan “Juan” Carlo Silva Faria redirect of a pass by Felipe “repi” Pereira Chaves. INTZ took the 3-2 win over AION Esports, putting them in the Top 4 after one week of play.

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