First place in EU after week 1

Everybody underestimated Mousesports, and they surprised us all!

September 10, 2018 - 18:50
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Okay, guys. Let’s be honest here for a moment: Nobody saw this one coming, but after the first week of League Play, Mousesports are actually on top in EU. Coming in as the RLCS underdog, they went 2-0 in their first week, including a win against Vitality nonetheless, a team that is among the EU favorites. In a tweet after their crushing defeat, Vitality’s star player FairyPeak admitted that he probably underestimated the Rocket League newcomers of Mousesports. That begs the question: Did we all underestimate Mousesports? Probably!

Mousesports deserved the win

Beating Fnatic, the second team Mousesports faced on Sunday, is one thing. Even prior to this weekend, both teams seemed to be on an eye-to-eye level. But beating Vitality is a completely different story. It’s the team that hired the single biggest talent in Rocket League’s esports history, it’s the team that has a strong, experienced leader with Paschy and one of the most creative players in the world with FairyPeak. On paper, Mousesports should’ve been no match for Vitality, but as Shogun would put it: This is Rocket League, and anything can happen in this game.

What’s so extraordanary about Mousesports’ victory is: It was completely deserved. Alex161, Tigreee and Skyline simply played better throughout the series. They were dominant in the midfield, strong on defense and efficient on offense. Mousesports knew exactly when to retreat in time, and when to put on the offensive pressure to cause mistakes – this is how they won the initial game of the series against Vitality in Overtime, for example.

Mousesports’ RLCS spot is almost secured

Mousesports won both of their series 3-1. Additionally, Alex161 was named EU player of the week. What a debut for the Mousesports squad and their captain!

With 2 wins after week 1, Mousesports are almost certainly determined to secure their RLCS spot for the next season. In past seasons, 3 wins have always been enough to avoid the Promotion Playoffs. Sometimes even 2 wins sufficed. Mousesports could’ve achieved their goal for this season after only one day of League Play – and might consequently aim for something larger: a spot in the RLCS S6 World Finals in Las Vegas on November 9th to 11th.

Where will Mousesports end up?

The only downside to Mousesports’ amazing RLCS debut: From now on, no one will underestimate these guys ever again. The element of surprise is gone, Mousesports are now on top. The hunters will become the hunted. Let’s see how Mousesports arrange with this new situation.

Next week they have to face against the best team in the world: Team Dignitas, who also won their first match of League Play against Fnatic. On paper, Mousesports should be no match for Dignitas. But we heard that one before, didn’t we?

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