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We asked the Pros what they think about the roaring T-Rex goal explosion

June 19, 2018 - 18:49
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Earlier this month, it was announced that Psyonix will collaborate with Universal Studios to bring a Jurassic World-themed DLC pack into Rocket League. The update contains not only the iconic Jeep from the movie series but also a Tyrannosaurus Rex goal explosion.

Even though we know that most pro players will probably never use the Jeep, we wondered what they think about the latest addition to the game, specifically the new goal explosion which makes a lot of noise. Some of the pro players already took their opinion to Twitter:

Doomsee has quite a different opinion about the sound:

“Loud screeching in your ear, still looks cool though”

We asked Doomsee what exactly he finds so annoying about the sound of the explosion. He says: “The goal explosion is actually super cool. I’ve always loved Hellfire and the T.Rex style of it is a lovely touch, but the sound…oh god, the sound. At first it sounded pretty cool, a T.Rex roaring is always fun, but after a few times it’s just a loud screeching in your ear. Still looks cool though.”

In case you wonder now what the explosion actually sounds like, here’s a short clip showing both, the Jeep as well as the roaring T-Rex explosion.

There are some other pros who also aren’t that fond of the goal explosion. Joro, who played for The D00ds this past season, says: “Honestly, I think the goal explosion is underwhelming, way less hype than it looked like it would be in the trailer. Maybe the sound stuck out at first, but I got used to it. The airhorns on Salty Shores are more annoying in my opinion.”

RLCS caster Shogun has a humorous approach to the new goal explosion: “Everytime I score it sounds like the T-Rex is screaming BAAAAAD at my opponents. It is aimed at my opponents, right?”

New elements might attract new players

All banter aside, it’s clear that collaborations like the one with Universal add fun new elements to the game that might draw the attention of casual players.

Vel from Team Expert says: “It’s awesome to see that Psyonix listens to the community and adds more cars with the Octane hitbox. The new goal explosion looks insane! I would recommend it especially to new players, since it is a cheap way to get one of the best goal explosions in the game without challenging your luck with crates. I am excited for more content and DLCs in cooperation with other publishers. These cooperations add new elements to the game and might attract new players to play Rocket League.”

Rix Ronday from Method thinks about the goal explosion in a similar way: “I think the goal explosion looks really good. But I just absolutely love the idea that you are able to buy a goal explosion plus car for only 2 Euros rather than opening crates.”

You can use the goal explosion with any car

We saw many people on Twitter asking if the T-Rex goal explosion is somehow bound to the Jurassic Worlds car. As Psyonix clarified, this is not the case. You can use the goal explosion with any car you like.

What the community says about the goal explosion

Even though some of the pros aren’t overwhelmed with the goal explosion, the community seems to love the latest DLC.

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