Method’s Rix Ronday believes that Vitality will win RLCS S5

April 15, 2018 - 13:31
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Our reporter Rob Kendall is a regular visitor of the Gfinity Elite Series, where some of the best players in the world play against each other every week. Rob drags these guys in front of the camera to get to know the people behind the amazing plays. You can check all our videos on our new YouTube channel.

Confident and hilarious

In our latest video Rob sat down with Rix Ronday from Method, who is in a good mood as he talks about his playstyle and his personality as a player. Speaking of the RLCS Rix is quite sure which team will lift the trophy in the end: Vitality. We’ll see if he’s right about that.

Rob says about his interview with Rix: “Rix_Ronday whilst very confident in his ability is also both hilarious off the pitch. I apologise for the cuts during this interview but there were so many moments where we kept making each other laugh. I will ensure to create an outtakes from GFinity video at the end so you can all appreciate it.

As to Rix, I personally love his passion, some will find it intimidating but it’s only because he’s a very light hearted person with himself. When it comes to being a competitor, he is completely focused and is completely critical of his own performance. It was a pleasure to interview him!”

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