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Scrub confirms: “I already have a spot on an RLCS team”

July 5, 2018 - 16:51
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Earlier this year, Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson turned 15. And we emphasized how this could change Rocket League esports forever. You can read our lengthy analysis right here. Short summary: Scrub is considered one of the most talented players in the history of the game, but his tournament participation was limited due to his age. Now that he’s 15, he’s allowed to compete in Rocket League’s most prestigious league, the RLCS.

Since his birthday, fans and pro-players alike have been wondering where the Rocket League wunderkind will end up. A new team that tries to get into the RLRS? An already established organization? For months we at Rocketeers have been trying to get an interview with Scrub. Now it finally happened. Read below our first interview with the 15-year-old who’s ready to cause some trouble in the RLCS.

“I’m not bored after 5000 hours”

Tell us a bit about how you first got in touch with Rocket League and what was so fascinating about the game that you stuck with it?

I first got in touch with Rocket League because I played the prequel Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars,  and then I saw Rocket League on steam. The game is just so addictive and I am not bored after 5000 hours.

What other players have had the biggest influence on you as a professional Rocket League player?

The biggest influences at the start were Kronovi and all of the original F3 squad, they really showed me what the potential of this game was and inspired me to keep improving and playing more.

Many would have loved to see you in previous seasons, but you’re only allowed to play in the RLCS from age 15 on. How are your parents taking all of this? Are they supportive of your esports career?

My parents are very supportive and have supported me since the start, even before there was any money or anything involved. It’s really good having parents that support your passion.

“I just need to prove to everyone that I can pop off in an RLCS setting”

Many consider you to be one of the best players in Rocket League history, and you’re only 15. Everybody is eagerly awaiting your first RLCS season. Do you feel like that puts you under a lot of pressure?

I don’t feel like I am under pressure, because I know I can perform and have the ability. I just need to prove to everyone that I can pop off in an RLCS setting.

Do you feel like there are areas where you could still improve?

Of course I can improve in every area, nothing is perfect, so there is room for improvement in every part of the game. Right now, I am working on getting more chemistry with my future team.

Many are wondering which team you might join. Or if you’d form a new team and make the run through the RLRS. What can you tell us about it?

I already have a spot on an RLCS team, unfortunately I can’t reveal this until the official announcement. I am very excited for the future and next RLCS though.

“There will be a big shuffle in EU”

How many teams were sending you offers?

I can’t really say who or how many teams were sending me offers, but this season there will be a big shuffle in EU I think. It will be exciting for the community to see how it unfolds in the coming weeks and months.

Your biggest strength is the 1v1 play. Do you feel like you still need to prove yourself in the 3v3 standard setting?

I still need to prove myself, I have a good history of 3v3 results in the past, but there is still far more things I can prove. I really want to show everyone next season that I am not overhyped and can live up to expectations.

“I want to show everyone that I am not overhyped”

How would you say has the overall gameplay and the mechanical side of things evolved over the past years and do you feel like there are still moves and mechanics players will learn to exploit even further?

At the start people couldn’t even aerial properly. It’s crazy to see how much this game has evolved and grown in the past few years. There is still room for improvement but teams are getting much closer and closer in terms of skill gap.

What team will Scrub join? Head over to our Discord server and discuss it with our community.

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