Will Vitality’s manager Gregan go back to casting Rocket League?

April 9, 2018 - 17:21
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Our reporter Rob Kendall is a regular visitor of the Gfinity Elite Series, where some of the best players in the world play against each other every week. Rob drags these guys in front of the camera to get to know the people behind the amazing plays. You can check all our videos on our new YouTube channel.

From casting to management

In our latest video Rob sat down with Mike Ellis, better known as Gregan. Gregan used to be a caster for a variety of Rocket League tournaments, but switched fields after Dreamhack Leipzig to become a manager for Renault Vitality. In our interview Gregan talks about his role as a manager and why it’s different from the position of a coach. He also admits that he still loves casting and might consider a comeback to the casting desk in the future.

Rob says about his interview with Gregan: “It’s always a professional pleasure to see Gregan. He made the interview feel really easy, providing answers where he could to difficult questions. It’s evident that he’s happily conflicted between his casting, managing and coaching. But who wouldn’t be? With so much variety in what he can do, it really shows that the industry is hungry for more Gregans to enter the scene and help out! Every team/cast needs a Gregan.”

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