Former Vitality captain tries to qualify for RLRS

Rocket League veteran Paschy: “Giving it a last try is worth it”

February 11, 2019 - 18:51
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There are few Rocket League professional players who have been around as long as Philip Paschmeyer, better known by the name Paschy. He’s been in the RLCS ever since Season 2. He played for Mock-it and caused quite a lot of noise when he and his former teammates Fairy Peak and Freakii left to form Vitality’s initial Rocket League team.

After two seasons in black and yellow, Paschy got replaced by French Rocket League World Champion Kaydop. Consequently he announced his retirement from professional Rocket League on January 11th.

That retirement didn’t last long though. Not even a month later Paschy decided to give it one more shot – together with German bubble player and streamer Killerno7, who used to play for The Juicy Kids in the RLRS and in the RLCS S3 as a member of Penta. Currently the new team is looking for a third with whom they want to qualify for next season’s RLRS. We spoke with Paschy about his initial retirement, his former teammates and about the kind of player they need to complete the roster.

Paschy, it looks like you simply can’t stop playing Rocket League. In January you announced your retirement from Rocket League esports. Now you’re already back, this time together with fellow German player Killerno7. What made you change your mind?

It wasn’t really something that changed my mind. I still think it will end, but giving it a last try is worth it in my opinion. This break brought back more joy to play Rocket League and let me brainstorm all the opportunities I have.

“I would have kicked myself as well”

You’ve made it quite clear that it wasn’t your decision to leave Vitality, and that you would’ve loved to continue playing with Scrub and Fairy. What led to the decision that you and your former teammates split?

They just thought they would perform better with someone else, and that’s how roster changes happen. Can’t blame them, Fairy Peak gets to play with his best friend in the scene and one of the best players. I would have kicked myself as well for that if I was in his position, so no bad feelings here. And even if it wasn’t Kaydop, we were a team for such a long time, I can understand the decision. But on the other side I had a good RLCS season, and I think nobody can deny that. Still, it let me get some time off for the first time since Season 2. Right now I still suck, but it always takes me 2-3 week to get back in shape, let’s see how things go.

Are you still in contact with Fairy and Scrub? Fairy specifically has been a teammate of yours for so long that it must feel a bit weird not having daily interactions with him, doesn’t it?

Fairy and I were never really good friends. It was because of the language most likely, but we respected each other and never had any conflicts that resulted in being mad at the other person. So we aren’t really having too much contact anymore. I always separated esports and real life, I didn’t spend too much time with people in Discord or whatever. Probably because my best friends in the scene (Yeezy, Sikii and Killer) all were not really part of my daily routine anymore. For example, Killer plays a ton of Rocket League in the evening when I mostly just have a scrim and then go spend time with my friends or girlfriend.

“I always separated esports and real life”

You’ve played on the top level and in the RLCS for so many seasons. How different do you think will it be trying to qualify for the RLRS?

There is not really a difference. It’s basically how it was in Season 1, 2 and 3. Still, I am losing my fun playing Rocket League by just thinking about not being able to directly qualify for RLCS and RLCS having only 8 teams. Is there even a tier 1 / tier 2 esport that only has that small amount of teams in their first league? To phrase it even worse: Is there even a tier 1 / tier 2 esport that only has 48 players in their first league – with NA and EU combined?

“Chemistry is key”

Killerno7 is your first teammate. What kind of player are you looking for to come in as the third player to complete the roster?

No clue. It can be any player really. The player has to adapt to us and we need to be able to adapt to him. Should be fine then. It just has to feel really good or it’s going to be impossible to make it. Chemistry is key.

You’re known as a hard worker. Back when you left Mock-it you wrote a lot of mails to different orgs to see if they’re interested in signing you. Are you now back at it, looking for an org to represent or is your current focus more set on qualifying?

Right now we don’t even have a 3rd player so reaching out to orgs comes after that. If we make RLRS I will for sure get out my old contacts I had, yeah. NIP?

What do you think about Paschy’s decision to give it one more try? Head over to our Rocket League esports Discord server and discuss it with the community.

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