Interview with Neon Dream Winner

Method’s Rix Ronday: “This time, the Renegade Cup was our only focus”

December 21, 2018 - 16:43
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Neon Dream, the December Monthly of the Renegade Cup, is over. After 4 weeks of intense Rocket League, Method emerge victorious. In the Finals they defeated Savage and qualified directly for the Renegade Cup Finals in 2019.

We spoke with Method’s Rix Ronday about their success in the tournament and their plans for 2019.

Rix, congratulations on winning Neon Dream, the third Renegade Cup Monthly!

Thanks a lot!

You’ve participated in all three Renegade Cup Monthlies so far, this time you were able to win the tournament. What gave you the edge over your Neon Dream competitors?

This time around, the Renegade Cup was our only focus, while during the other Renegade Cups we were also focussing on Gfinity. We’ve practiced a lot and played really well as a team this time around, and I think that is the reason why we were able to win.

“We played better individually this time around”

In the Rocketeers Thunderdome it seemed at times that your performance was a bit inconsistent. How did you manage to fix this for the Neon Dream?

We practiced a lot lately and focussed on our issues. I also feel like we just played better individually this time around.

Who was your toughest opponent over the course of the tournament?

Savage was by far our toughest opponent in this tournament.

“Savage is an amazing team”

You had to face Savage twice on the final day of the tournament. What are your thoughts on that team?

I think Savage is an amazing team. Deevo and Bluey have insane chemistry and Alpha is a great player who fits well with them. They are all also mechanically very gifted, so you really have to make sure you don’t give them a lot of time or they will score on you.

Now that you’re qualified for the Renegade Cup Finals, how are you preparing for the challenge at hand and what are your goals for 2019?

We’re just gonna keep grinding and practicing. I haven’t really thought about my goals for 2019, but one of them will just be trying to improve and get as good as I can.

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