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Flipsid3 Tactics’ Yukeo talks about “the best moment of my life”

October 9, 2018 - 15:45
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When he entered the world of professional Rocket League, he was doubted. As the new third in the roster of Flipsid3 Tactics, Austrian Rocket League player Maurice “Yukeo” Weihs has popped and proved a lot of critics wrong. He and his teammates finished League Play of RLCS Season 6 on 2nd place, granting them a spot at the World Championship in Las Vegas in November.

Yukeo played a huge role in his team’s qualification for LAN Vegas. He scored the goal that sealed the deal and was nominated player of the week in the EU region. Rocketeers reached out to the shooting star to talk about his performance, his expectations for Las Vegas and the fact that Mousesports should send over a box of champagne.

Congratulations on your fantastic performance in the RLCS. Flipsid3 Tactics finished League Play on 2nd place. Was this something that you actually aimed for or were you as surprised as most of the Rocket League fans?

After the first 3 weeks it didn’t look like we were finishing 2nd place at all. But after week 4 I knew that we could, we just had to get the last two victories and hope that a few things turn out in our favour, and I’m glad that they did.

“I told myself that I have to make LAN”

Last season you finished on 4th place, which was still quite respectable, but now you and your teammates seem stronger than ever. What changed?

The experience and motivation for sure. Last season was my first RLCS Season ever, and I got smashed in the first series that I played. I was shocked, but got used to that environment pretty fast. We managed to end League Play by beating both top 2 teams at that time. It felt amazing, but we had to beat the former Envy team to secure our LAN spot and couldn’t do it. It was disappointing to see everyone compete in London, but staying home actually motivated me more than ever. I told myself that I have to make LAN the following season, so I grinded even harder and it paid off in the end.

“Staying together helped us”

The top two teams of the EU region are the only two teams who made no roster changes before the start of Season 6. Would you say that this also had an impact on the outcome of League Play? And how important is roster stability in your eyes?

Yes, staying together helped us because we already knew we had the potential, we showed it. It was just a matter of how consistent or how often we are able to show off what we can do. Roster stability in general is very important. If you stay together after having a long, poor off-season, you will grow from it as a team and get a better connection with your teammates in my opinion.

You went 5-2 during League Play. In retrospect, what was the toughest match of this season so far?

In my opinion the last series against compLexity was the toughest, even though we won it. We had to score and tie up the game multiple times and it wasn’t easy.

“Tigreee thanked us for the victory”

It looks like the Mousesports guys owe you one. If it weren’t for you defeating compLexity, they’d now be facing a possible relegation to the RLRS. Did Tigreee, Alex161 and Skyline already send over a box of champagne?

Tigreee joined our Teamspeak talk to thank us for that victory, so yeah it meant a lot to them as well. To come back to your question though: No, they haven’t yet. 🙁

You were voted the MVP of week 5 of League Play. How much does such an award mean to you?

It feels good, obviously, and proves that I performed, but if I compare that feeling to qualifying for LAN, I couldn’t care less about it, honestly.

The award was highly deserved considering your performance which included a 0 second goal to secure your spot in Las Vegas. Can you describe what went through your head the moment you scored this important buzzer beater?

It was such a relief for me. This was the best moment of my life so far, without a doubt! It meant a lot to me to score that 0 second goal to qualify for LAN. I will never forget this moment. Checkout miztik’s most recent YouTube video if you want to see our reaction.

“Next goal is to lift that trophy”

Now that you’ve secured your spot for the World Championship: What is the goal that you’ve set for yourself for LAN Vegas?

Now that we’ve qualified, our goal is to win it all. I achieved my personal first goal, next goal is to lift that trophy.

Which opponent from the NA region would be your favorite team to play against?

I don’t have a favorite team to play against, I respect every team that makes it there, so I will just focus on playing the best Rocket League I can.

“Dignitas are the favorites to win it all”

Final question: Is there any team that’s able to defeat Dignitas in Las Vegas?

Dignitas are the favorites to win it all, but I am confident in beating them if we can play at our best.

Thanks for your time, if you want to make any shoutouts, here’s your chance!

Thanks for interviewing me, everyone follow me on Twitter and Twitch @ YukeoRL and of course to all my fans: I love every single one of you cuties, please never stop giving me positive vibes!

Lead Image: Yukeo at Dreamhack, Photo Credit: Dreamhack

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