Flipsid3’s miztik: “This is our most important week”

March 29, 2018 - 15:07
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Flipsid3 Tactics looked to refresh their roster before the start of RLCS S5. Markydooda left and joined exceL, which meant that one of the longest-standing duos in Rocket League history – Kuxir and Marky – would stop playing together. He was replaced by Yukeo who is supposed to bring in some fresh ideas.

Now that two weeks of league play have passed we wanted to check in on Flipsid3 Tactics. The team led by miztik currently sits on the 6th spot and is facing probably its toughest weekend of league play, which will decide if F3 still has a chance of a higher placing at the end of the season. Rocketeers.gg, the magazine all about Rocket League esports, spoke with miztik about the tough road ahead and their past matches in Season 5.

“We were just a bit speechless”

Miztik, after two weeks of the RLCS we can say that you guys had some ups and downs in league play, starting with a 3-0 loss against CompLexity. What were your thoughts after that initial match?

Starting off our league play run with an 0-3 was rough. We were just a bit speechless and shocked afterwards. I feel like the nerves and lack of confidence were just too much after things started to go wrong.

How did you as the team captain manage to lift the team spirit and motivate your guys to get that 3-1 win against Excel afterwards?

We took a break in between games to refresh. We all knew that we had to get the win because it would be extremely tough to get a good finish being 0-2 down in the first week. I had a major playstyle change between games 1 and 2 and I think it paid off for all of us. I was scoring lots of goals and making some great passes, with that I got a lot of confidence which I think brought the others come confidence too.

The match against exceL also saw you facing your former teammate Markydooda. It was kinda heartbreaking to see Kuxir and Marky playing against each other for the first time in what feels like ages. How was your feeling going into that special series given these circumstances?

I was watching exceL’s series versus PSG before we played them and it was nice to see Mark playing well again, it is a real shame we’re not on the same team anymore. I don’t really think we paid attention to it going into the series though, we were focused on not completely beaning the series again. I’m happy we got the win and I’m sure Mark will be a bit upset he lost to his old team. Suck it Mark.

Last weekend you played against PSG, who seem to be a complete wildcard so far. They show moments of brilliance as well as moments of instability. What’s your take on PSG in the RLCS S5 so far and what was the reason that you guys lost 3:2 against them?

I think its hard to count out PSG anytime they play, when they’re playing well its pretty scary. We’ve scrimmed them quite a bit and they pretty much destroy us most of the time. I think their league play so far has been pretty underwhelming and I’m sure they’ll feel the same.

“PSG are not playing great right now”

I feel like we lost that series because of the slow and sloppy start we had. If we would have played the way we did in the last 3 games from the beginning I feel like we would’ve won. Like I said they’re not playing great right now and the fact that we didn’t take advantage of that is extremely disappointing and that loss will make the rests of the weeks more difficult.

Last month, when Andrew interviewed you for Rocketeers, you already talked about Yukeo and why you trust him as the new third. Now that the first weeks have passed, how do you see him evolving in the RLCS?

I don’t think Yukeo has shown how good he can be yet. You can’t really replicate or be ready for how you play in RLCS League Play matches, there’s so much on the line and the pressure is high. We still have plenty of games left for him to show just how nutty he is. I’m not saying he’s been playing bad either, I’m just waiting for him to pop off so people go crazy.

“I’m just waiting for him to pop off”

Right now you’re sitting on the 6th spot, so next weekend will be quite important for you as you face Envy and Fnatic. Envy have their backs against the wall so you can probably expect them to put up a fight. Fnatic are your rivals as far as the current standings go. How do you prepare for those two matches and what are your expectations?

Next week will be our most important week I think. Envy and Fnatic are both tough opponents but I feel like we can go 2-0 if we play at our best and don’t have a slow start. Fnatic and us always have a real sweat fest of a series when we play so I’m looking forward to that. Envy are playing well and I expect a good series there too. We’ve scrimmed Envy a bunch and we played Fnatic a few times in off-season so we’ll be ready for these two teams for sure.

Lead Image: Miztik at Dreamhack Atlanta taken by Alexander Scott

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