German org signs former Servette roster plus Tigreee

Interview with Mousesports’ Alex161: “Our goal is to make Top 6 in the RLCS”

July 30, 2018 - 17:02
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Mousesports is one of the most traditional esports organizations of all time, mostly known for their Counter-Strike team. Now the Berlin-based organization also enters Rocket League. They have signed one of the up and coming teams of last season’s RLRS: Servette, the EU bubble team that managed to get promoted to the RLCS for RLCS Season 6. The team also brings in Team Secret’s Tigreee as a replacement for MummiSnow.

We spoke with team captain Alex161 about the move from Servette to Mousesports and their roster change.

“I hope we can keep surprising everyone”

Alex, first of all: congratulations on making it into the RLCS. Do you feel like you surprised everybody last season with such an impressive performance in the RLRS?

We definitely suprised many people with our performance. I think nobody knew how we would perform, because I joined MummiSnow and Skyline really late, and we didn’t have much time to practice. We only played a few tournaments together before the start of RLRS. That’s why we were inconsistent at the start. We kept practicing and improved as a team, and I hope that we can improve even more and keep suprising everyone.

The biggest news is that you not only make a roster change but also change the organization. You’re leaving Servette and we welcome Mousesports to the Rocket League scene. How did you get in contact with Mousesports and how soon were you convinced that this is the perfect org for you?

Our contract with Servette ended, so we looked for good offers. Our manager Simon was in contact with many organizations, but in the end we decided to go with Mouseports. Mousesports is a big organization with a lot of experience, and I think we can benefit from that. It was an easy decision for us.

“I’m happy to represent an organization that’s so well-known”

In how far can you benefit from their experience when it comes to esports?

I think it’s good to have an experienced organization. They already participated at many LANs in different games. They know how everything works in esports and they can support us with that knowledge. Furthermore, I’m really happy that I can represent an organization that is so well-known. This gives me motivation to grind the game more.

For Servette this is probably not the best news. What gave Mousesports the edge over Servette when you had to make a decision?

Servette is a really nice organization. I want to thank them for everything they’ve done for us. In the end we have way more benefits from Mousesports though. They have big sponsors and a lot of experience. Plus they’re from Germany which makes the communication really easy for us.

“Tigreee is a perfect fit for the team”

The org change isn’t the only major news that comes with your announcement: You also have a roster shuffle. MummiSnow is out, Tigreee is in. What kind of change will Tigreee’s entrance make?

Tigreee is a completely different player. He has a good mentality and is a really good teamplayer. Our playstyle changes much with him. I already played a lot with Tigreee in the past, so I knew we would have good synergy and that he’s a perfect fit for the team.

As you mentioned, it’s not your first time playing together with Tigreee. In fact, you played Dreamhack Leipzig together for Rocketeer’s parent company VERITAS. Afterwards, Tigreee left to join Team Secret. What made both of you realize that you apparently can’t play without each other?

I was dissapointed that Tigreee left me and Neqzo for Team Secret. I understand his reasons, because he had a guaranteed RLRS spot and an organization that’s well-known. It was his decision and I should just accept it. We kept playing ranked together and remained friends. When Skyline and I started to search for a third player, he was obviously the first guy that we asked. He convinced us immediately and we teamed up again.

“Tigreee is never tilted”

The two of you obviously know each other quite well. What does he add to the team in terms of his skill?

I already mentioned that we have a good synergy. I always know where Tigreee is on the field, and what he expects me to do. Our teamplay improved a lot because of that. He’s good on defense and he scores every redirect. Furthermore, he’s a really fast player. That makes it really easy to play with him. The most important thing is that Tigreee is never tilted. He has a good mentality and that’s the most important thing for me.

I guess that the past weeks have been quite intense. Preparing such a major change, signing with a new org. Now that this all lies behind you and your team: How are you preparing for the challenges that are ahead of you and what goal do you set for yourself for RLCS S6?

We had a long break because Tigreee was in Italy and Skyline was busy the last few weeks. Now we’re ready to prepare for the next season. We’re starting scrimming again and we will play the Gfinity tournaments. At the moment we play really rusty, but I am convinced that we will improve a lot during the next weeks. Our main goal is to get top 6 and secure the RLCS spot. Of course we want to make LAN aswell , but it’s our first season, so I would not be disappointed if we do not make it.

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