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Insolences is out of Rogue

June 18, 2018 - 18:52
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Earlier this year, there were already rumours floating around which suggested that Insolences and Rogue might part ways. Back then, Jacob hinted at roster shuffles through some ominous tweets. In the end, Insolences stayed on the team but Jacob confirmed that there had been some issues within the squad. Apparently these issues, although resolved at first, were more serious than we expected – or were never really resolved at all.

Accidental leak in Rizzo’s stream

During a stream of G2’s Rizzo, Insolences now confirmed that he got kicked and won’t be a part of Rogue any longer. Insolences accidentally leaked the news, not knowing that Rizzo was streaming at the time. You can watch the clip below.

Jacob confirmed the news through his Twitch channel. He stated that he and his team will release a more formal announcement at a later time, but that the initial news of Insolences being kicked is true. Jacob’s full statement:

“Insolences has leaked that he has been removed from the team¬†here. Though this is true I will not be answering questions on the topic at this time. I will have a more formal announcement of this with reasoning at a later time”

No statement from Insolences

Insolences joined the Rogue squad in August 2017 as a replacement for Turtle and the team finished 5th-6th in Season 4 of the RLCS. Insolences stayed on Rogue even after Matt’s departure. In early 2018, Jacob joined the team. They finished 5th in League Play of the NA RLCS, missing the World Championship in London. Now it seems as if Insolences’ journey with Rogue has come to an end. Apart from the accidental leak, Insolences hasn’t issued any form of statement on the matter. At this point it remains unclear whether or not he’ll join another roster, and who his replacement on Rogue will be.

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