League Play Wrap Up

Here’s how RLCS Season 7 turned out after five intense weeks

May 7, 2019 - 18:14
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After five intense weeks, North America, Europe, and South America have all finished their league’s round robin. We now know the final placings, and four of the teams that are going to RLCS. Oceania just finished week four, due to starting a week later, and are heading into their final week next week.

North America

From North America, NRG and G2 will be going to the world finals. NRG maintained a perfect record, with G2 close behind losing their only series to NRG. Falling to the promotion playoffs, Splyce and Evil Geniuses must fight to keep their RLCS spot. They will face ‘The Birds and the Beez’ and The Peeps respectively.

In week five, Rogue beat Spacestation Gaming and played a close five game set against NRG, which together ended up giving them a top six spot. Ghost also got a top six spot, by beating Evil Geniuses. Rogue and Ghost will face off in the lower bracket of the regional championship, and the winner will play to get to the world finals. In the upper bracket, Spacestation and Cloud9 will fight to get a spot in New Jersey, and a chance to beat G2. Both teams played close series against G2, and are sure to want revenge. NRG will be looking for a perfect season by getting the top spot in North America, can anyone beat them?


From Europe, Vitality and FC Barcelona will be going to the world finals. Vitality had a very good season, only falling to Triple Trouble. FC Barcelona, the first RLRS team to earn a top two spot after promotion, earned their spot by beating the third and fourth place teams in the final week. These teams, PSG and Triple Trouble, will fight for their finals’ spot next week. Most surprisingly, TSM and Dignitas will face of in the lower bracket, with one not going to the world finals, and the other not confirmed either. Dignitas had a rough start, but turned around their season to get a top six spot, where TSM were looking like the clear second place team, but fell in both of their week five games.

In the heated contest to stay out of bottom two in Europe, Mouz and The Bricks ended up in the bottom spots. Mouz falling early to Vitality sealed their fate, but The Bricks fought hard and beat TSM, only to have their hopes crushed by Dignitas. Veloce Esports, with a dominant undefeated season, will try to get their top spot from Mouz, whereas the second RLRS team has not been determined yet. The Bricks may face ARG, Complexity, or ZeNoMoon in their fight to stay in RLCS, and for Kuxir to not lose his seven season streak.

South America

The two South American teams for RLCS will be determined next week, but have been narrowed to six teams. This emerging region showed the biggest divided, with the top four teams only losses to each other. Erodium and Lowkey Esports are one step closer to the LAN spot, but Lotus and INTZ will be close on their heels. Lotus beat INTZ in week five, but ended up losing to Erodium. Orchid and Team CryptiK have one of the hardest tasks ahead of them: trying to break into the top four, and then qualifying for LAN. Anything is possible in this region, so stay tuned after European RLCS next week to see what happens in South America


Last but not least, Oceania finished their week four. There are currently five top teams contesting the top four spots, with no one confirmed a top spot. The biggest upset this week was Renegades, formerly Chiefs, losing to Out of Order, in a sweep! ICON Esports now remains as the only undefeated team in Oceania. Renegades and 1NE Esports will both have their shot at ICON next week, with Renegades hoping to keep their historic top spot. Justice Esports has their work cut out for them, as they will have to play Renegades and Out of Order. We do not know who will get the top spots, but we will wrap up the league play next week so tune in.

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