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TexasRL announces $3000 GigaLAN tournament

June 14, 2018 - 16:43
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Now that the RLCS has concluded, we need tournaments to fill the void which the best LAN in Rocket League history left. It’s going to take some time until RLCS S6 will be announced, but luckily there are other tournaments that will provide with some great esports entertainment and fantastic hours of Rocket League gameplay. Yesterday, we already covered the news that NARLI 2 LAN will take place in Ontario in July. Today, there’s the announcement from TexasRL that they’ll host a tournament with a $3000 prize pool in Austin, Texas.

2v2  Tournament

Here’s what you need to know about the tournament: It’s called GigaLAN and will take place in Austin’s Google Fiber Space on June 30th. In contrast to most Rocket League esports events, the tournament won’t be played in the standard 3v3 format. Instead, the organizers want to focus on 2v2 duels, which makes it easier for many of the participants to get organized in a team, because here’s the kicker: the event is free for everyone to participate.

All players who are over the age of 13 are allowed to enter the tournament together with a teammate, but there will only be 24 team slots available. According to the organizers, the slots will be given away on a “first come, first serve” basis. Registration starts on Friday, June 15th via PCs will be provided by the organizers, but players must bring their own PC compatible controller and headset to the event. The GigaLAN will be broadcasted live via Twitch.

Play against Rocket League streamers

Apart from the tournament, there’s also lots of other stuff happening at the event. There will be photo booths, free snacks and dinner for everyone as well as the opportunity to meet and play matches against famous streamers (which haven’t been disclosed yet). We’re excited to see how the GigaLAN will unfold at the end of the month. is the #1 magazine about Rocket League esports. We provide the followers of the Rocket League esports scene with daily content: interviews, analysis, recaps, previews.