Watch the $4000 winning shot

Gifyourgame hosted a Rocket League contest and the goals are just sick

May 29, 2018 - 17:26
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The goals are what makes Rocket League so spectacular to watch. And players love to show their greatest moments on any occasion. So when a platform calls upon the Rocket League community to submit their greatest goals, and even offers a significant prize pool, you can expect that there will be some sick plays.

More than 3000 sick Rocket League goals, an online tool that let’s you capture your greatest gameplay moments, hosted a “Sick Goal” Rocket League contest and more than 3000 people submitted their greatest moments. The winner was determined by the community through a voting system.

Here are the 5 best goals, make sure to watch these amazing plays:

5. $50 for Hiyama Akane and his impressive Air Dribbling

4. $450 for Pulse Stuxi and his Ceiling Shot

3. $750 for BAFAGIIH and his sick flip

2. $1000 for Pulse SWATT and his beautiful Aerial maneuver

1. $4000 for expert | vel and… well… just watch this insane goal


Contest winner Vel is no stranger to Rocket League esports. He’s the captain of Team Expert, a German esports org. We featured him and his team a couple of months ago in this interview. We reached out to Vel to talk about his $4000 winning shot. Here’s what he says: “I never thought that I’d win the contest, but I was totally hyped from the moment it became clear that my goal was in the semi-finals. I think that SWATT’s goal is really fantastic, especially that pass and the angle from which it was scored. But I believe my clip won because it offers something unique, something new aside all the flip resets, ceiling shots and aerial drags. I scored it in a warm-up match before a tournament that we played. Thanks to my teammate Iceteazy for that amazing pass.”

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