Freakii is apparently out of Renault Vitality

June 15, 2018 - 17:21
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Update (original story below): Freakii pretty much confirmed the rumours. Earlier tonight he posted this Tweet, explaining that FairyPeak and Paschy don’t want to be in a team with him any longer.

It’s only natural that every off-season comes with a couple of roster shuffles. Only a week after an exciting LAN, a couple of pro players tweeted out emotes suggesting changes in their line-ups. The community has entered full speculation mode.

Among a couple of rumours and possible roster swaps that were suggested over at Reddit, there’s one that seems surprising: Is Sandro “Freakii” Holzwarth out of Renault Vitality?

Mysterious tweet from Paschy

Let’s take a look: It all started with Envy’s remkoe hinting at a possible roster change.

Shortly after remkoe’s tweet, Vitality’s Paschy tweeted out the same message, suggesting that there’s going to be some sort of line-up change within Renault Vitality.

Farewell message from Freakii?

As Paschy’s the captain of the team, it can only be suspected that it’s either FairyPeak or Freakii who might get kicked in case of a roster change. Pretty much around the same time, Freakii sent out two Tweets that seem to back up what many in the community suspect: that he’s out of Renault Vitality. His first tweet is simply a frowning emote, his second is a longer explanation that reads like some sort of farewell message.

In the message Freakii says: “The future holds stuff that isn’t quite known yet. Everything happens for a reason and I’m happy Rocket League happened to me!”

In the past, there’s often been rumours that Vitality (who formerly played under the name Mock-it Esports) might kick Freakii, but this past season it seemed like the German player really stepped up his game and improved even further. The team won the Gfinity Elite Series and qualified for the World Championship as one of EU’s favorites.

The rumours are plausible

Their performance in London seemed a bit shaky and the team ended up dropping out early. Obviously, their performance didn’t match their expectations, but was the frustration over the disappointing World Championship result enough to cause a roster change? It looks at least plausible.

If the rumours are true, it will be interesting to see where Freakii will end up and who his replacement in the long-standing squad will be. But for now, no official announcement has been made. We will update this article as soon as there are any developments.

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