Fantasy RLCS is back, more fun than ever and you should join our League

March 16, 2018 - 15:40
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Fantasy RLCS is back and bigger than ever, with Rocket League Garage’s second season starting up in just a few days, parallel to the beginning of RLCS Season 5. What is RLG Fantasy League, some may ask? It is a several-week long competition where contestants will build a “fantasy” or made-up roster of RLCS players who gain points based on score and stats, ending with the manager who accumulates the highest overall score being victorious. Points are acquired during RLCS League Play only, and it includes players from all three qualifying regions (North America, Europe, and Oceania).

Managers do more than just pick a team, however, as a few extra requirements and options are provided to managers while they make their team and compete in the season:

Salary Cap: Players’ salaries are determined primarily through performance in the previous Season’s League play. A modifier is applied for players coming from RLRS, as the quality of opponents they faced last season is not as high as they will face in RLCS. Salaries are also “modified based on feedback from an expert panel of Rocket League insiders”, according to the FAQ Section on the RLG Fantasy League website.

Transfers: Transfers can be used to switch players from their current roster with other, available players. Each week, managers will have two transfers. When transferring players, managers must ensure that they do not exceed their salary cap.

Positions: While two managers may have the same player, they may use them in different ways. When setting your roster, select two players to be Attackers, two to be Midfielders, and two to be Defenders. Attackers earn double points for their goals. Midfielders earn double points for their assists, and Defenders double points for their Saves.

Rocket League Fantasy

This is how your Fantasy RLCS team might look like. Players can be atached to specific positions, each week you can make transfers and switch players.

Sounds compelling? Then continue reading below to find out how to join the Rocketeers RLG Fantasy League:

1. Create an account on the Rocket League Garage, and head to their Fantasy League page

2. Select “My Team” and pick your roster. Remember to stay within your salary cap!

3. Think of the most creative name you can and enter it on the bottom of the page

4. Click on this link to join the Rocketeers RLG Fantasy League before the start of RLCS on Saturday

5. Confirm your enrollment and get ready for some RLCS action!

Rocket League Fantasy League

Bonus things to know when signing up for RLG Fantasy League:

  • Since RLCS uses Best-of-5 series, not all teams play the same number of games in a season. Points are divided by number of games so that players that 3-0 their opponents are not punished in Fantasy for playing well.
  • When a player plays two series in a week, the player earns points equal to the average of each series that they play in that week. Points from the 1st series are NOT added to the points of the 2nd series.
  • If one of your starting players (an Attacker, Midfielder, or Defender) does not play, the points accumulated by your benched player will count (though they will NOT earn benefits of having played a position). If your benched player also did not play, you will only earn points for the 5 players who did play.
  • There are two options for “Leagues” to play in: Standard and Head to Head. Standard works like a normal leaderboard where the manager with the most points wins. In “H2H”, players are set in fixtures that put them head to head against other managers, where a win will assign 3 points, tie 1 point, and a loss giving nothing. Most points at the end of League Play wins. Rocketeers is operating in a Standard League.
  • YouTuber John “JohnnyBoi_i” MacDonald made a video describing his picks for the best 5 power players, and his best 5 bargains if you think you need help developing a roster.

Interview with the RLCS Fantasy creator

Most information pulled from the RLG FAQ Section on their website. However, we were interested to hear from the creators of RLCS Fantasy first hand how they came up with the idea and what advice they have for beginners. So we reached out to DMRawlings who is one of the initiators of RLCS Fantasy for a short interview.

Tell me a bit about how you guys first came up with the idea for a Fantasy RLCS?

The first Rocket League Fantasy League goes all the way back to the RLC Pro League. Dpants, Cjlink, and myself organized a fantasy league for the Pro League online finals. The format was different, but the desire was there. We recorded everything on spreadsheets, and had only about 50 applicants. What that leagued proved was that there was a genuine interest in the community to run these kind of events.

I think it’s safe to say that the RLG (Rocket League Garage) team knew they wanted to do something more, it just took some time to get the resources in place on the website to make it happen.

How many people do you expect to join the Fantasy RLCS this season?

Last season we had around 4200 players, and this season we’ve already surpassed that (6600 at last count). My initial hope was to double our number, but we seem to be tracking to beat that, and I’m excited to see how far we can go!

“My initial hope was to double our number”

It’s the third time you start the Fantasy League. What are the most important improvements you made in comparison to the first one?

The biggest improvement we made this season was the addition of player positions. Now not only do managers select players, they must decide if a player is an Attacker, Midfielder, or Defender. Attackers get double points for their goals, Midfielders get double for their assists, Defenders get double for their saves.

We’ve also increased the number of transfers of players per week to two, to make it easier for managers to get the players they want, as well as added a list of fixtures, to help players pick their rosters.

Do you have any insider’s tip what beginners should take into account going into their first Fantasy Season?

So many! The first thing I’d say is think ahead. It’s easy to put yourself in a bad place if too many of your players aren’t playing in a given week. Look at the schedule and look for players on teams that are playing multiple weeks in a row.

I’d also say be mindful of matchups and positions. Find opportunities to dress strong players who are playing against less strong teams. Match players to their best position based on who they’re playing. I’d also be mindful of players who can excel at two or more positions, since that gives you flexibility in future weeks.

Lastly, this is fantasy: a player may be an all-star on a very successful team, but all that fantasy cares about is their score, as well as their goals, assists, saves, and shots. If you really want to get an edge look at the data. I recommend

“Be mindful of matchups and positions”

What does your personal squad look like?

It’s changed every day this week, and it’s liable to change again before roster lock. Based on the schedule I feel like PSG has a good week 1 and week 2 schedule, so will definitely have at least one of Ferra and Bluey. For week 1 at least, I’ll be favouring rosters that didn’t change, since I feel I know what I’ll get. I don’t know how Yukeo affects F3, and won’t until they play. I’m also eying Mognus as a defender, based on previous seasons’ results, but he doesn’t play in week 2.

Lastly, I’m considering grabbing a player who will be playing against a tougher team as my second defender. Positions are new, though, and I’m not convinced that using a player who should get low score, but many saves as a defender is better than selecting a player with a better matchup.

Travis Greene considers himself a Rocket League pro after winning two weekly tournaments in his two and a half years of playing Rocket League, although his friends and colleagues say otherwise. Still holding onto his Season 3 Grand Champion title, Travis takes to analyzing and writing about the top players and organizations in the scene rather than grinding for another coveted title.