EyeIgnite officially retires from pro play

July 12, 2020 - 17:24
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Jordan “EyeIgnite” Stellon, who achieved his greatest pro Rocket League success as a member of We Dem Girlz, officially retired today via a tweet to his personal Twitter account.

“So, it’s about time I officially retire from RL,” he wrote. “It’s been an unreal journey playing this for so many years, from AM to PRO. Travelled the world and met so many lovely folks, but now I gotta focus on other things in life. Thank you for all the love and support over the years.”

EyeIgnite first made major waves in the Rival Series as a member of ExRay during RLCS Season 4 and was picked up by Team Envy for RLCS Season 5, helping the team make the season’s World Championship.

After being released by Envy, the team achieved greater success during the RLCS Season 6 cycle as We Dem Girlz, finishing 2nd in Europe and 3rd at the RLCS World Championship before winning the offseason ELEAGUE Cup.

We Dem Girls then signed with Team SoloMid, but struggled during RLCS Season 7, after which EyeIgnite was released. Forming a new team under the name Fadeaway, the roster quickly signed with AS Monaco Esports after initial success in the Rival Series. All the while, EyeIgnite kept his eye on the prize: a return to the RLCS.

“The pain of being dropped and forgotten is indescribable,” he told Rocketeers in October 2019. “Going from a player in the conversation for top 10, to not even being a player mentioned as a potential tryout for teams, was just heartbreaking to say the least. I’m hungry to get back to where I know I belong and crush everyone there.”

AS Monaco did ultimately make it to the RLCS for Season 9, but struggled mightily against Europe’s top competition, going 0-9 and finishing in last place before being relegated back to the Rival Series. The organisation departed Rocket League during the offseason, and teammate Alex “Extra” Paoli signed with Team BDS last week for RLCS Season 10.

Lead photo courtesy of DreamHack, credit: Todd Gutierrez

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