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Esports Shop Drops April 16th

April 5, 2019 - 20:52
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The next update, the Esports Shop Update, releases April 16th, and includes the Esports Shop, Rocket Pass 3, and Replay FX.

The Esports Shop is a new in-game store that allows players to support esports organizations through the purchase of items. Item details, the user interface, and more details release next week.

The Esports Shop was originally announced last November, with a premptive release date before the RLCS S7 World Championship. The April 16th release date is at least a month ahead of schedule.

Rocket Pass 3 includes a “Challenge System.” Presumably, the new system is similar to missions that you see in other game pass implementations (i.e. complete an objective and earn XP or an item).

Lastly, the new update include Replay FX, a new photo mode system that allows content creators to change the depth of field, colors, and more.

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